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Black Bathroom Ideas: 10+ Bold Color for Striking Look

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Black Bathroom Ideas

Choosing a particular color for a bathroom can be quite confusing because you’re presented with a bunch of color schemes from the lightest to the darkest. When it comes to a bathroom, some people often choose light or bright colors because again, each color can affect our mood. However, some people may choose a color that they like although it might look odd for some people like the black shade.

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If you’re wondering how a black bathroom will look, below we’ve gathered some bold black bathroom ideas!

Best Black Bathroom Ideas

Black Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Contemporary Decor

Black Bathroom Ideas 1

If you want to combine modern and natural elements at once, this can be a great reference. The combination of wood slat walls, tiles flooring, and a sleek freestanding bathtub with a rock base create a luxurious finish.

Black Bathroom Ideas: Sleek Modern Style

Black Bathroom Ideas 2

A simple bathroom with tile walls, a grey floor, and a freestanding bowl bathtub creates a bold yet elegant look. To balance the lighting, you will have to place it next to the windows.

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Black Bathroom Ideas: Bold and Earthy

Keeping a black bathroom bright is important because you will definitely need lighting to enhance its look. Providing large windows for the bathroom will also help to let the natural light brighten up the room.

Black Bathroom Ideas: Simple Black Accent

If you’re not sure to use too much black color in your bathroom, give it a try in a certain area. If you install an alcove bathtub, you can colorize this area with black whether with tiles, wallpaper, or paint.

Black Bathroom Ideas: Classic Vintage Nuance

Black Bathroom Ideas 5

Monochromatic shades can also be the option to create a vintage atmosphere like this bathroom which has black and white tiles and rustic walls on the other side.

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Black Bathroom Ideas: Glam Black Marble

While you can use tiles, paint, or wallpaper, you can also consider using black marble to dominate the room. Marble is one of the materials that can make any room looks more luxurious and stylish due to its natural lines.

Black Bathroom Ideas: Bright Minimalist Look

Another idea that you can refer to is by using painted wood planks to give accents inside. To keep the brightness balanced, use a vanity with natural wood materials that will automatically brighten up the look.

Black Bathroom Ideas: Striking Black Marble

Black Bathroom Ideas 8

Here is another black marble material that you can use to decorate a bathroom and get a luxurious overall finish. Just like black paint, you can use silver, metal, white, gold, or other elements to give brighter accents.

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Black Bathroom Ideas: Simple Modern Design

Minimalist design will never get old so you can use it for any area. This sleek bathroom is dominated by black tiles that also look elegant with gold accents and frameless glass partitions.

Black Bathroom Ideas: Bold Industrial Look

The modern industrial finish can be seen from the concrete-like finish on the side of the walls. As for the shower area, you might try using small tiles to give accents to the walls and complete the look with framed glass.

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We hope that these ideas can inspire you to get a striking bold black bathroom!

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