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Dark Bedroom Ideas: 20+ Distinctively Elegant Decors with Cozy Vibe

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Though it can be quite risky to colorize your bedroom with dark shades, it’s totally a very considerable option if you want to have unique decor. Black, navy, deep grey, purple, and teal are some most favorite shades that you can keep in mind when you want to have a dark bedroom. They don’t only make the room look elegant in a more distinctive way, but also create a very captivating atmosphere at the same time.

Balancing colors, proper lighting, good air circulation, and decorative finishes or pattern are some additional factors which will make a dark bedroom looks beautiful and feel comfortable. These dark bedroom ideas below will show you how to create one which will totally blow your mind.

Best Dark Bedroom Ideas

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Feminine Nuance

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Feminine Nuance

Black is the background color of this bedroom which creates a bold overall look. Uniquely, the bedding as the main focal point is decorated by floral-printed linens which instantly gives a feminine touch around. Some flowers then complement the bedding which even makes the room look more admirable.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Stylish Festive Decor

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Navy and bright wood finish are the main shades of this bedroom which give a warmly relaxing atmosphere. The colorful linens and rug enhance the attractiveness which adds a more colorful touch distinctively. Some wall arts also decorate one side of the wall which styles up the room in a very chic way.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Catchy Neutral Nuance

The combination of dark and light grey of this bedroom creates a neutral overall look with a very cozy vibe. Some striped bedding accessories give a catchy pattern which makes the decor look catchier yet still keep the neutral character of the room. To freshen up the nuance, some indoor plants complete the decor of the room.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Simply Beautiful Decor

The bedding with textured white linens and the yellow headboard becomes the main focal point of this bedroom with black background-color. It instantly brightens it up by giving vibrant color touch and gorgeous texture. The wood planks in deep natural finish which cover the flooring warms up the nuance of the room in a very beautiful way.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Bold Eclectic Decor

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Bold Eclectic Decor

Navy is the background color of this bedroom which is applied to the walls and ceiling. The bedding in emerald green is the centerpiece of the room which distinctively give a bold touch to the overall look of the room. To brighten it up, white becomes the second color scheme of the decor.

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We still have more dark bedroom ideas below that you can add to your inspiration list!



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Pick the best one that you really adore now!

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