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Elegant Bathroom Ideas: 10+ Striking Inspirations to Steal

Elegant Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to designing a house, we can say that it reflects the personality and personal preference of the onwer and this including a bathroom. For some people, decorating a bathroom is not something important since it’s a place that gets dirty and wet daily anyways. However, for some others, since it’s a room that they use every day, it has to be perfect from all aspects and one of the ways is by decorating it in an elegant look.

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If you’re planning in redesigning your current bathroom to become more elegant, we’ve collected some inspirations as your ultimate reference!

Best Elegant Bathroom Ideas

Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Striking Violet Accent

Elegant Bathroom Ideas 1

When we talk about elegance, it depends on how a homeowner styles their rooms. Just like this idea, even a bold violet shade can light up the bathroom and becomes stylish. It may not everyone’s liking but it’s a unique inspiration to try.

Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Chromatic Look

Elegant Bathroom Ideas 2

Black and white will always be the best choice when it comes to an elegant and stylish look. To balance the color combination, you can mix it with another texture or pattern for the tiles and gold accents to make it looks more luxurious.

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Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Stunning Vintage Feel

Other than modern designs, a classic one is also lovely to use for a bathroom. In this idea, the freestanding bathtub is placed between two vanities with a classic style. Also, the tiles and candle chandelier enhance the classic vintage nuance even more.

Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking Modern Concept

For those who love a modern concept but want to upgrade the look, using black and white marble as the main material can be a great choice. The body-sized mirror helps top create a bigger and wider illusion of the room.

Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Lovely Simple Bathroom

Elegant Bathroom Ideas 5

This bathroom gives us a lovely classic farmhouse look from the tiles and the chandelier yet vintage feel from the claw foot bathtub. Adding a few decor items can make the room looks more decorative and less plain.

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Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Exhilarating Neutral Shades

Yes, neutral shades are another best choices to use other than an all-white look. The combination of white marble, bathtub, and light grey wainscoting really blends so well with each other.

Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Bold Black Domination

Do you love dark shades and want to use them in your bathroom? High five, because I do! Again, even dark shades can be exhilarating as long as you mix each color well. In this picture, white curtains, crystal sconces, and a mirror can slightly lighten up the surrounding.

Elegant Bathroom Ideas: All-White Simple Style

Elegant Bathroom Ideas 8

Although the bathroom is quite small, it has a few main items like a hot tub, vanity mirror, sink, and toilet. If a regular bathtub is too big for your space, you might want to get a small round tub instead.

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Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Beautiful Farmhouse Look

Instead of using a usual arrangement and layout, this kind of galley layout is a good alternative. You can put the wet area in the end part while the galley part is a dry area with mirror, vanity, and shelves.

Elegant Bathroom Ideas: Attractive Cozy Spot

Less is more is probably the best word that describes this idea since this spot looks so cozy. The accent wall from the wallpaper becomes the centerpiece that looks eye-catching along with the beaded chandelier.

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So, have you found your favorite elegant bathroom idea that suits your taste? Now, grab your notebook and start planning your own elegant bathroom!

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