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Galley Kitchen Ideas: 10+ Styles for Minimalist Home

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Galley Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen, as the hub of the house, has a very important role that can also be a place to interact with other people. However, for people with a small or minimalist home, sometimes a small and narrow kitchen is a little bit tricky to decorate. Just like its name, a galley kitchen is a long and narrow kitchen with a small aisle or walkway between the other feature.

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For your ultimate reference, we have compiled tons of galley kitchen ideas to keep your kitchen stays organized!

Best Galley Kitchen Ideas

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Vintage Vibe

Galley Kitchen Ideas 1

A galley kitchen can look wider as long as you provide enough lighting using bright or pastel colors for the cabinets is a good choice to create a minimalist feeling. If you want to use patterns, you might want to use them for the floor or backsplash.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Stunning Modern Farmhouse

Galley Kitchen Ideas 2

White is a color that will never let you down when it comes to creating an elegant finish. Using open wooden floating shelves as additional storage can save more space instead of installing new cabinets.

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Galley Kitchen Ideas: Lovely Retro Nuance

A retro feeling that is radiated from this kitchen will lift your mood while cooking, especially with light turquoise furniture. A black and white patterned floor then completes the entire look of the concept.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Captivating Simple Decor

When it comes to a small room, lighting is important to keep it bright. Adding some zone lighting for example over the sink and stove can help to brighten up the kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Simple Monochromatic Look

Galley Kitchen Ideas 5

For people who prefer to use a minimalist concept, you might want to add a simple and cozy sitting seat as a dining nook. Monochromatic tiles for the floor can also help to give a more reflective accent.

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Galley Kitchen Ideas: Stylish Modern Design

Yes, the black and white concept will never get old. If you’re afraid to use this monochromatic look for your galley kitchen, you might want to change that mindset after seeing this sleek and stylish kitchen in two stunning colors combination.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Fresh Modern Farmhouse

A rustic farmhouse feeling that dominates this kitchen gives a fresh and warm atmosphere with wooden cabinets, some indoor plants, and a beige farmhouse rug.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Striking Bright Kitchen

Galley Kitchen Ideas 8

Just like this idea, you can still combine some colors to avoid a plain look for those who don’t really like a plain all-white. Again, as long as you provide enough lightings, a small space doesn’t really matter.

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Galley Kitchen Ideas: Divine Minimalist Concept

If there’s still empty space in a kitchen, use it as a simple dining nook that can save more space in the center of the house. An all-white concept is a perfect pick that makes this kitchen looks brighter.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Minimalist Earthy Look

Wood is the best material that creates a warm look and coziness. This kitchen is cozy enough to add coziness to cook, working space, and also a dining nook.

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Get ready to make your galley kitchen looks more breathtaking and stylish!

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