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Horizontal Fence Ideas: 20+ Stylish Designs for Minimalist Home

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The fence is one of the most important features that you have to add to the decoration of your exterior area. It provides security, privacy, and the border between neighbors which allows you to do various kinds of activities around your home, especially in your outdoor living space. Moreover, the fence is also part of your home decor which has a huge influence on creating the overall look of the house. Therefore, choosing a fence that looks as attractive as possible is a must, to make it able to enhance the attractiveness of your home besides its main functions.

The one with horizontal design becomes so popular recently which is commonly made of wood. It’s perfect to complements a home with minimalist decorating style due to its sleek and clean-lined design.

Check out some stylish fences with a horizontal style below for your reference!

Best Horizontal Fence Ideas

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Simple Elegant Design

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Simple Elegant Design

The elegant fence with horizontal wood planks in various sizes gives an elegant touch to the overall look of this backyard. It’s finished in grey which makes it look more modern. For sure, it’s an elegant fence that is so tempting to copy.

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Modern Rustic Design

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Modern Rustic Design

This horizontal fence is finished in natural look which flows beautifully with the natural outdoor surrounding. The bushed with clean-lined cut and some greeneries decorate the fence which adds more earthy elements around.

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Bold Elegant Design

The black horizontal fence adds a stylish modern twist to this backyard which looks so admirable. To make it look more attractive, the landscaping which includes white and grey rocks with some greeneries are created close to the fence.

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Gorgeous White Design

This sleek fence in white finish beautifully brightens up this backyard which is perfect to beautify your minimalist backyard. The shrub and trees add a catchy natural tone which makes the fence look so catchy. It’s very simple landscaping that you can easily try.

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Stylish Earthy Design

Horizontal Fence Ideas: Stylish Earthy Design

The wood planks in raw finish build up the construction of this fence with horizontal design. The bedding with white concrete construction with various kinds of plantation decorates the fence. It’s surely a modern natural fence that looks so gorgeous.

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Find more ideas to complete your inspiration list that you will totally admire!



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Those horizontal fences are so inspiring to copy when you have a plan to decorate your backyard. They work really well to secure and beautify your home with their elegant minimalist designs.

Now, you just need to choose the best idea that really suits your needs and taste!

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