Hot Tub Design: 10+ Designs You Have To Steal Now

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Hot Tub Design

Having a hot tub in your own house absolutely sounds so tempting because as you may have known that it’s a water feature that gives you hydrotherapy effect with tons of benefits. The feature that will make you relaxed and calm after a long tiring day. In other words, you can enjoy a spa service once you install a hot tub on your outdoor living space. That’s why a hot tub always becomes one of the most favorite options when it comes to the home improvement plan.

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Best Hot Tub Design

Hot Tub Design: Minimalist Hot Tub

Hot Tub Design: Minimalist Hot Tub

The simplest hot tub design that you can install outdoors is this kind of tub. Instead of a swimming pool, fill your backyard with a hot tub but you can still have other outdoor features like a grill area and swings.

Hot Tub Design: Lovely Inflatable Tub

Hot Tub Design: Lovely Inflatable Tub

If you’re the type who wants to enjoy the hot tub feature occasionally, an inflatable tub is a great choice. To add a sun protection feature, you might want to choose a patio umbrella that is also functional.

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Hot Tub Design: Eye-Catching Hot Tub

Another inflatable hot tub that looks stunningly decorated with a deck and canopy with a shade. Having this layout in your backyard will definitely bring you both joy and charm.

Hot Tub Design: Simple Hot Tub

A freestanding hot tub is one of the common styles of hot tub that many people choose because it’s the simplest way. Homeowners just have to provide an additional feature like a canopy, shade, umbrella, or a cover.

Hot Tub Design: Captivating Tub Area

Hot Tub Design: Captivating Tub Area

One of the ways to beautify the hot tub area is by adding another feature like this minibar right to the next of the tub. Not only a minibar with some chairs but also an elegant lighting fixture.

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Hot Tub Design: Above-Ground Style

An above-ground style will never fail to make any outdoor feature becomes an attention-grabber. The mixing of stones and concrete materials makes this hot tub looks outstanding.

Hot Tub Design: Breathtaking Rustic Layout

This hot tub area with a rustic theme looks definitely breathtaking and eye-catching. From the designated spot, decoration, and lighting enhances the spot even more.

Hot Tub Design: Modern Wood-Fired Design

Hot Tub Design: Modern Wood-Fired Design

A wood-fired hot tub may look classic for some people but combining it with a modern tub can change the overall look. Placing it outdoors will be able to add your backyard look.

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Hot Tub Design: Romantic Hot Tub

Even a simple decoration like string light can lift the ambiance of this hot tub area becomes more romantic. Well, this way doesn’t only suit a modern tub but also a regular one.

Hot Tub Design: Elegant Tub Deck

Making another feature like this deck can enhance the look of the hot tub more. Moreover, the recessed lighting also plays an important role to illuminate the tub area beautifully.

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Now just pick the best hot tub design that suits your budget and style and start making your dream hot tub!

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