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4 Quick Tips: How to Choose a Suitable Dining Set

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How to Choose a Suitable Dining Set

The dining room is one of the essential rooms in a house that you can’t opt out of. Other than designing, choosing a perfect dining set can enhance the charm of your dining room. The point is, what kind of dining set, the size, and the material you choose because you can’t just simply choose a dining set just because it’s the cheapest or just because you love the color or accents.

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Below we have some tips on how to choose the most suitable one for you, so check them out!

How to Choose a Suitable Dining Set

Dining Room Size

How to Choose a Suitable Dining Set 1

The first basic thing to do is to ensure that you get the right dining set and have easy access to add the dining set itself. Some things that you have to make sure of are:

  • The hallway size will be used as the entrance of the dining set. This is important to make sure the whole process goes smoothly.
  • The size and shape of the dining room: rectangular, square, or narrow rectangular.
  • If there are already some pieces of furniture inside the dining room, you have to take into account this aspect so you can use it as a measure to choosing a dining room.

Dining Table Size

How to Choose a Suitable Dining Set 2

Once you know the size of your dining room, it’s time to choose the dining table that suits its size.

  • If your dining room is empty, you will have to make sure that there are 43 – 49 inches of space from the wall to make the diners feel comfortable when getting in and out.
  • However, if you’re planning to add another piece of furniture like a buffet or cupboard, you have to measure the space between the furniture and the dining set, not the wall.
  • For people who want to create a space-saving layout, you can try using a dining bench.

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Dining Table Shape

As you may have known that there are several shapes of dining tables that you can choose based on the dining room size.

  • Rectangular is the most common one when it comes to a dining table with various sizes, styles, and designs, and suitable for a long and narrow dining room. If you’re planning to use an open plan, you can also use this shape to work as a partition between kitchens and living rooms.
  • Square tables are a good choice for a smaller room to make the ambiance feels more intimate and cozier because the space between each side is not too far.
  • Oval dining tables are a perfect choice if you don’t want to get a rectangular one and want to make a unique traditional look. Just like a rectangular shape, this one is perfect for a long dining room.
  • Round is┬áthe best choice if you have a small and narrow room. The intimate nuance can be felt just like a square one.

Concept and Material

When it comes to a concept and material, there are tons of varieties to choose from to match the concept of your dining room. Wood is definitely the most versatile material that suits any home decorating design and will add warmth to any room. If you want to create a cozy dining room, opt for a bench instead of bulky wing chairs.

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We hope that these tips help you and happy decorating!

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