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How to Choose TV Stand for Living Room | 5 Useful Guides

How to Choose TV Stand for Living Room

It’s absolutely great to spend free time in a home with beloved ones while doing fun activities. The common spot that many people use to do this is the living room. When it comes to a living room where people are gathering, it would be nice to have at least one entertainment feature. One of the entertainment features that almost all homeowners have is a TV.

If you choose to place the TV on the floor, then you will need a TV stand. Just like choosing other pieces of furniture, choosing a TV stand also need consideration so it fits your needs. It shouldn’t be too small or too big for the TV and the living room size.

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Check out a few tips down below that we have compiled for you on how to choose a TV stand.

How to Choose TV Stand for Living Room

Viewing Height

This aspect is very important since it will affect your comfort while watching TV. You definitely want a comfortable position for both your eyes and posture.

You can use the standard based on the height of the sofa, which is 42 inches according to the rule of thumbs. We recommend measuring the average eye level from your seating area.

TV Stand Width

It’s always recommended to choose a TV stand with a wider size than the screen to prevent bumping or topping. It’s because the living room is one of the busy areas with high traffic. You can choose a TV stand with the same width as the display if the TV is smaller.

Fitted Design

As a piece of furniture, a TV stand also needs to match the decorating style of your living room. Of course, there are tons of options available out there to choose from, and choosing the right one will complete the overall look.

If you have a living room with a minimalist or Scandinavian concept, a wooden TV stand with sleek, clean lines and neutral or natural light wood is a good choice. On the contrary, if you have a classic Victorian or Renaissance concept, a dark wood made with carvings or ornaments is perfect to go.

Material Matters

Since a TV stand works as the base to support a TV, you have to make sure that it’s made of sturdy material. You don’t want to choose the one that only looks aesthetic but loses its main function.

Some common materials that you can easily find are wood, particleboard, metal, glass, and MDF. Of course, each material has its own plus and minus points so do some research before purchasing.

Additional Features

Additional features like shelves, cabinets, and drawers will be very useful for providing more storage. Thus you can save more space to walk around and create a wider illusion.

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So, are you ready to shop for a TV stand for your TV?

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