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Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: 10+ Chic Classic Concepts

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Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

A swimming pool is one of the popular water features that many homeowners add to their home improvement list. It doesn’t only functional but also improves the look of your outdoor living space. It can be one of the centerpieces that will make your backyard looks more attractive. Among many swimming pool styles, one of the popular styles is an in-ground pool. Just like its name, this pool is built on the ground which means that you have to excavate the ground so it fits your style.

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For your inspirations, we have compiled some best in-ground swimming pool ideas so let’s just check them all out below!

Best Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Classic Rectangle Pool

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas 1

A rectangular swimming pool may look classic but it’s one of the popular shapes that easy to get. A small rectangle pool with a concrete patio becomes the focal point in this backyard.

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Stylish Modern Pool

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas 2

Though it’s quite simple, this swimming pool is beautiful enough to bring a modern vibe that can be seen from the sleek glass fence. This swimming pool is suitable for people who love a minimalist yet attractive pool.

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Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Striking Contemporary Design

A cozy backyard with a swimming pool and seating area will make everyone feels comfortable. It becomes more inviting with the design of the pool itself that will attract every attention from the decor to the overall ambiance.

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Pool Design

A quite simple swimming pool with a lounge area on the side is perfect to create a comfortable spot. Adding an umbrella for the pool lets you enjoy the ultimate soaking time without worry about sun exposure.

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Cozy Earthy Nuance

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas 5

A swimming pool with a festive base looks fresh and creates a contrast look from the surroundings. A wooden slat fence and platform give a warmer atmosphere that blends perfectly with the outdoors.

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Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Tropical Vibe

Making your own resort in your backyard is possible just like this idea. A simple swimming pool, tanning ledge, and natural elements freshen up the look and feel of the backyard.

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Airy Simple Design

Though the pool looks simple, the plantations become the point that makes this view looks cool and breezy. To give a more decorative look, try playing with the patio by using several materials and styles.

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Minimalist Rectangular Pool

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas 8

This simple swimming pool looks quite fun and exciting for those who want to have a pool to move around. If there’s space left, create a cozy lounge or tanning ledge with an additional umbrella.

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Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Fresh Pool Landscaping

Having plantations around a swimming pool can be very tricky with the dead leaves but it’s good natural decorations that make a fresher atmosphere. This design also gives a resort vibe from the entire layout.

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Pool Design

To make it looks more aesthetically pleasing, this unique swimming pool becomes an oasis and looks so stunning. Especially with the palm trees and other greeneries that surround it.

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An in-ground swimming pool may look classic but it will look more outstanding if you make a unique shape with eye-catching features.

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