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Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stylish Ways to Organize Your Cooking Stuff

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas

We understand that a kitchen is a place where it gets messy and dirty easily but it’s not a reason to keep it messy every day. Just like other rooms, you probably want to have an organized kitchen that will also make it easier for you to find stuff that you need. One of the simplest ways to make it comes true is by adding shelves as additional storage, whether open floating styles or other shelf styles.

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Here we have some attractive shelf ideas that might make you interested in making one so just check them out!

Best Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Eye-Catching Rustic Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 1

If you have more empty space left in your kitchen, you may want to make open shelves to put some bigger jars and kitchenware. This way you can reach them easily and of course, save more budget from buying more cabinets.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Simple Corner Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 2

Not sure how to maximize the corner of your kitchen? Instead of letting it empty, these corner floating shelves are a good inspiration to copy because it’s functional and can help to put some stuff.

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Minimalist Wooden Shelves

Open floating shelves are one of the simplest ways to organize your kitchen stuff. You may want to make bigger ones so it can store bigger jars or woven baskets and more spices bottles.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Contemporary Kitchen Shelves

Adding wood to your modern kitchen won’t be ruining the vibe for sure because wood is the best versatile material that goes well with any decor style. In this idea, wooden shelves give a rustic feeling among other sleek kitchenware.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Simple Corner Storage

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 5

Another idea of corner shelving that can maximize every single empty space in your kitchen. It can be a spot to put kitchenware or decor items to beautify your cooking spot even more.

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Breathtaking Scandinavian Look

For people who love the cool Scandinavian look, instead of making a plain backdrop, use marble to give a more decorative accent from its beautiful natural lines. For more textures and patterns, you may also combine them with tiles.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Lovely Vintage Decor

This kitchen looks so lovely with its simplicity that combines green tiles backsplash with wooden shelves. The look of a wooden countertop, floating shelves, and tiles create good harmony between each other.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Simple Decorative Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 8

Well, some people may use kitchen shelves to put other stuff like recipe books, indoor plants, and other stuff so of course, it doesn’t matter as long as the homeowners themselves are comfortable with it.

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stunning Farmhouse Vibe

Those who have an all-white kitchen may use natural wood to make shelves so it matches well with the ambiance. To give more focus to this spot, try to consider using work lighting sconces around it.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Elegant Sunken Shelves

In this idea, the mixing of natural light wooden open shelves over the sink with modern tiles-covered backsplash looks so elegant and unique. You can also use it as a spot to showcase your plate collection.

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Pick the best kitchen shelves idea that you like and get yourself a dazzling shelf for your kitchen now!

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