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Kitchen Wall Ideas: 22+ Creative Steps to Make a Unique Look

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Kitchen Wall Ideas

A kitchen, which we also often call it the hub of the house, has a very important role because we prepare the daily meals there almost every day. Just like other rooms, decorating a kitchen can be very tricky especially the small one. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t get a captivating kitchen.

Just because a kitchen is a place that gets dirty easily, you can distract people’s attention to another spot. In this case, the spot that we refer to is the wall. Optimizing an empty wall in the kitchen by decorating it with some stuff is a great choice. Filling up the empty wall whether, with wall decor items, small appliances or other stuff is a good choice. You can both have more storage and decorative wall at the same time.

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For your inspiration, we have compiled tons of kitchen wall ideas that will make your kitchen wall looks more lively and useful!

Best Kitchen Wall Ideas

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Sleek Floating Shelves

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Sleek Floating Shelves

If regular floating shelves without a border might feel less secure, this one can be a good pick, especially to store some big or glass kitchen appliances. Just like other floating shelves, you can install them anywhere from over the sink to any empty space. Choose materials that match other furniture, it can be wood or iron.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Stunning Monochromatic Schemes

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Stunning Monochromatic Schemes

If you have a monochromatic concept for your kitchen, this one looks quite simple and elegant. These open shelves use a background pallet so it can prevent direct contact with the wall. This idea is a good example to try if you don’t want to get the wall dirty, especially if it’s a regular wall, without any accent like wallpaper or tiles.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Decorative Tiles Background

Decorating a certain spot can make it looks more attractive and also one of the ways to attract people’s attention away from other stuff. By using patterned tiles for the backsplash, it becomes the attention-grabber. Moreover, the soft color from the tiles helps this kitchen to look brighter with the help of the natural lights.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Chic Modern Rustic

The rustic design is definitely one of the best designs with natural elements that can make any area looks stunning. An exposed brick accent in this backsplash blends so well with the other modern furniture. This idea is worth trying for people who want to mix modern and classic designs.

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Kitchen Wall Ideas 5




Kitchen Wall Ideas 8



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Just keep scrolling down to see more unique wall decor for a kitchen that you can use any time!






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Don’t hesitate to decorate your kitchen wall by choosing a stunning idea and apply it to your kitchen now!!

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