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Living Room with Fireplace Ideas: 23+ Inspirations You Have to Steal

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Living Room with Fireplace Ideas

As a place to gather around with family members and friends, a living room has to feel cozy and welcome. Therefore, every homeowner has their own was to improve their living room. Some people may like to have a certain color, decor items or furniture. Some others may prefer to add something like a TV, lighting fixture or a fireplace.

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To give you some inspiration for a living room with a fireplace, below we have compiled some of them just for you below!

Best Living Room with Fireplace Ideas

Living Room with Fireplace Ideas: Modern Living Room

Living Room with Fireplace Ideas: Modern Living Room

This simple and modern living room looks breathtaking with a perfect combination of white shade, furniture, and decorations. Started from the two L-shaped sofas that are arranged in a U shape and it looks more perfect with a textured rug. The fireplace that is placed under the TV looks more captivating with a textured 3D background.

Living Room with Fireplace Ideas: Elegant Living Room

Living Room with Fireplace Ideas: Elegant Living Room

This living room gives a rustic minimalist Scandinavian vibe from the painted exposed brick fireplace and white domination. This idea is suitable for people who like a modern living room with a light shade. The arrangement is quite simple so it creates a cozy atmosphere. It’s also good to add lighting fixtures either like this shaded chandelier or something in gold.

Living Room with Fireplace Ideas: Classic and Cozy

The minimalist design is still popular and has its own fans because of its simplicity. The simpler the layout is, the cozier it gets. The simplicity of this living room is filled with elegance with two sofas and a table. Adding a mirror is good to create a more spacious effect and placing a fireplace under it. Add a crystal chandelier or other modern lighting fixtures to complete the modern look.

Living Room with Fireplace Ideas: Luxurious Living Room

It can be the table that makes this living room looks luxurious. A sleek and shiny mirror table that reflects its surroundings becomes the focal point in this idea. The fireplace is slightly ‘sunken’ inside because of the frame that also works as a place to place some decor items.

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Living Room with Fireplace Ideas 5




Living Room with Fireplace Ideas 8



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Keep scrolling to see a more attractive living room with fireplace ideas that will astonish you!







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Adding a fireplace can be a good option because it doesn’t only work as a decoration but also a feature that can give warmness, especially in the winter. If you’re wondering what decor feature to add in your living room, you might want to consider a fireplace and build one to get a more stunning look.

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