Navy Living Room Ideas: 21+ Beautiful Inspirations for Elegant Ambiance

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Navy Living Room Ideas

Choosing a color for a room can be a very tricky and challenging job because you have to match it with the main concept of the interior. There are tons of color shades that you can choose based on your taste and needs. While other people may like neutral shades better because it can make the room looks brighter and wider, some others love to use a darker shade. If you are planning to use a darker shade that can create an elegant overall look, navy or dark blue can be a good choice.

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below we have prepared dozens of navy living room ideas that you can steal right away and apply it to your own living room. Make sure to check them all out!

Best Navy Living Room Ideas

Navy Living Room Ideas: Elegant Blue Accent

Navy Living Room Ideas: Elegant Blue Accent

Covering an entire room with a single color may not everyone’s taste so that’s why you can use it for one side only. This living room has a combination of navy and gray that makes it looks more elegant. A pop-out navy shade from the sofa and the wall behind it becomes the focal point that looks standout. Using wallpaper with a simple pattern can be a good choice as well to give more accent.

Navy Living Room Ideas: Chic Navy and White

Navy Living Room Ideas: Chic Navy and White

Combining a dark color with a neutral shade will never go wrong just like this idea. While the surrounding is dominated by white as the base, you can add navy elements for the seating set, decor items, rug, cushions, and window shade.

Navy Living Room Ideas: Fresh Pop-Out Color

As a dark color, some people may find navy color looks too dark. Therefore, you would need to add neither neutral or bright shades to lighten the look and mood. Yellow is one of the bright colors that can help to brighten up the area.

Navy Living Room Ideas: Elegant Contemporary Room

This idea may not everyone’s cup of tea because it has a lot of things in the same place. From a patterned curtain, table, and outstanding wall decor. For those who want a simple look, change the table with a simple white table and more warmer elements.

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Navy Living Room Ideas 5




Navy Living Room Ideas 8



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Just keep scrolling down for more inspiring navy living room ideas that you will love!





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We hope that this list of navy living room ideas can help you to narrow down your choice so you can get your dream navy spot. Now choose the one that attracts your attention and it’s time to change your living room into navy right away!

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