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Small Swimming Pool Ideas: 10+ Designs for Minimalist House

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Small Swimming Pool Ideas

Each homeowner has their own favorite water feature and one of the popular ones is a swimming pool. However, some people may have difficulty making a swimming pool because of the ground’s condition or small space. Therefore, some people choose to build a small swimming pool. Even a small swimming pool will have the same exciting effect as the big one.

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Below we’ve compiled some small swimming pool ideas that will stun you!

Best Small Swimming Pool Ideas

Small Swimming Pool: Simple Rectangular Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 1

A rectangular swimming pool is the most common shape that many people use because it suits a small area and doesn’t consume so much space. This swimming pool and hot tub become a cozy lazy spot in your outdoor living space.

Small Swimming Pool: Small Square Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 2

If a rectangular shape is still too big, make a square pool instead. Of course, your movement is limited but the point is that you can still enjoy and soak your body in the water.

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Small Swimming Pool: Outstanding Plunge Pool

This plunge pool has a captivating shape and cozy nuance with a wooden deck and greeneries. This kind of pool is suitable for people who love to soak their bodies more than an active movement.

Small Swimming Pool: Simple Inground Pool

Yes, don’t let small space makes you move back to having a pool. Try this small pool in the corner to keep the backyard looking more captivating. Instead, use extraordinary tiles shapes, or colors for a better attraction.

Small Swimming Pool: Breezy Tropical Look

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 5

When it comes to creating a fresh and breezy look, a tropical concept is the best choice. To complete the coziness, add a simple lounge above the pool at the end of the side to enjoy your free time.

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Small Swimming Pool: Striking Modern Design

If you decide to make a small swimming pool, you might want to add some modern touches like this glass fence. The glass fence adds a stylish and modern accent to attract more attention.

Small Swimming Pool: Dreamy Semi-Indoor

For people who’re looking for something that looks dreamy, this one can be a good one. Instead of making it on the ground, you might want to try a semi-indoor on the porch or raised patio.

Small Swimming Pool: Attractive Modern Decor

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 8

This backyard looks absolutely eye-catching and inviting with all the modern elements from the swimming pool, wooden bench, and neutral furniture that matches the patio and pool itself.

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Small Swimming Pool: Cozy Backyard View

Here is another cozy backyard with a sitting area and a classic rectangle inground swimming pool that enhances the coziness and elegance. Of course, the combination of the hot tub is great for your relaxing time.

Small Swimming Pool: Minimalist Rectangular

The simplicity and chicness in this rectangular swimming pool surrounded by a stone patio make the backyard looks stylish and attractive and elegant. The blue color of the water then freshens the view even more.

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You just need to choose the one that suits your needs, taste, and budget and start building your own pool now!

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