Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: 22+ Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas

A swimming pool is still one of the most popular water features that many homeowners choose to build in their backyard. Of course, other than people who love aquatic activity, it’s because a swimming pool provides a cozy ambiance for a casual occasion. Also, depending on each preference, a swimming pool can be built indoor and outdoor with different styles. However, an outdoor swimming pool has a different vibe that makes everyone feel more comfortable and attracted.

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To inspire you with a unique but simple swimming pool in your backyard, below we have collected dozens of swimming pool backyard ideas just for you!

Best Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Simple Rectangular Pool

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Simple Rectangular Pool


A common swimming pool shape that many people use is rectangular. This swimming pool becomes the oasis in a backyard with its simplicity. This kind of shape is suitable for both small and big backyard. On the side, you might want to add a seating area with a pergola and deck. Also, you can add a deck for a lounge area to enjoy the sunbath.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Cozy Tropical Corner

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Cozy Tropical Corner


Imagine enjoying your free time in the backyard in a cozy ambiance like this idea. The greeneries give a fresh feeling that will make everyone there feel relaxed. Another rectangular swimming pool with a wooden patio around makes it looks more natural. As for the lounge area, building a deck above the pool makes it the focal point that will attract everyone’s attention.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Simple Inground Pool

Having a small and narrow backyard doesn’t mean that you can’t get a swimming pool. Among many options and shapes, an inground rectangular style is the most perfect one. In this idea, an inground swimming pool is enough to be the center of the backyard. Surrounded by a stone patio and plantations make the pool looks warmer and more natural.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Attractive Pool Backyard

This swimming pool is quite small but it looks indeed attractive. A simple swimming pool with wooden bridge-like steps as access to the pool is a good idea to create a natural overall look. To beautify the area around it, some greeneries can be a great option to give a natural swimming pool. Instead of using furniture as the sitting set, try using a hammock for a cozier ambiance.

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Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 5





Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 8




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If you haven’t found an attractive idea, we still have some breathtaking ideas below so make sure to check them all!

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 11







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Now just pick the best swimming pool backyard idea that suits your taste, budget, and needs and start building one immediately!

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