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Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Simply Beautiful Decors You Have to Steal

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Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to a bedroom, it’s definitely a comfort zone that every homeowner loves. It’s because a bedroom is a spot where homeowners can express their true selves, interests, and hobbies. The common fact that all of us probably know is that most people usually use the walls of their bedrooms as media to express their personal preferences. There are various wall decor items that people use such as painting, mandala, fairy lights, and others.

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To beautify your bedroom wall, we have compiled some best and simple wall decor ideas down below!

Best Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Simple Wall Decor

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas 1

If you want to keep your bedroom as simple as possible, hanging only your favorite painting works just fine. Just like this idea, it’s a pretty simple wall decor that still gives a decorative look.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Decorative Flower Decors

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas 2

If having vases can be bothering, why not making the flowers displayed on the wall? Well, depends on each preference, you can use real, dried, or artificial flowers and arrange them on the wall in a preferred shape.

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Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Aesthetic Pastel Collage

This idea is definitely perfect for those who want to make their own gallery wall by turning several images into a collage. The frameless image collage is sure a method to bring more simplicity than the framed ones.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Simple DIY Decor

If you’re brave enough, you can create some accents on the wall by drawing them directly. Also, you may also add some framed abstract paintings with the same shades.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Earthy Items

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas 5

This idea is definitely tempting to try especially for those who want a functional feature. Adding floating shelves in various shapes will give both useful and decorative functions.

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Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Simple Floating Shelf

Even a simple decoration can create a different look just like this floating shelf. Use it to place your favorite framed words, indoor plants, and add another wall decor such as a minimalist mandala.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Stunning Monochromatic Concept

When your bedroom also functions as your workspace, you have to make it as neat as possible. These floating shelves and wall grids will keep your study or work desk clutter-free.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Wall Decor

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas 8

If you’re planning to hang several small paintings, make sure that they’re hung in the right balance. It’s also a good way to match the color of the frame with the color of the wall itself.

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Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Tumblr-Like Gallery Wall

Changing the wall becomes a gallery wall can be done by sticking your favorite polaroid photos, selfies, places you’ve been to, your family, friends, or any random images you love.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Modern and Minimalist

For people who have a bedroom with a minimalist concept, putting only one huge wall decor is a good option instead of using several small ones that might only make the room looks crowded.

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If you think your walls feel empty, it’s the right time to consider it as your personal canvas, and start decorating it!

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