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Above Ground Swimming Pool: 20+ Inspiring Design Ideas on a Budget

above ground swimming pool feature

As the most popular water feature up until today, a swimming pool is always a considerable addition that you can use to improve your backyard. It will make your backyard becomes a very entertaining outdoor living space that everyone can enjoy. Moreover, a swimming pool is also a major focal point of your exterior area which grabs most of the attention. That is why you have to choose the one which looks as attractive as possible.

Below, we share dozens of above ground swimming pool ideas which looks so beautiful as an alternative to the common inground pool for your inspiration.

Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Stunning Small Design

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Stunning Small Design

This one is actually a small above-ground swimming pool, but the design will totally bring the style of your backyard to a whole new level. The outer construction of the pool is covered by wood which makes it flow beautifully with the natural outdoor surrounding. Then, of course, its glass window is the element which gives a stunning aesthetic appeal to its overall look.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Simple Plunge Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Simple Plunge Pool

If you just need a swimming pool for relaxing or chilling time, a small plunge pool is a good option that you can keep in mind. In his idea, an above-ground plunge pool installed on a backyard with narrow dimensions which is so enough to make it look and feel more inviting. A wood bench with some pillows also completes the feature which works as the cozy sitting area.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Earthy Design

A white above ground swimming pool looks so gorgeous as the main focal point of this backyard. The greeneries which decorate the pool area give a beautiful natural touch and freshen the atmosphere around.  The wood steps which resemble the small deck then enhance the beauty and comfort of the pool very well.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Modern Earthy Design

The rocky frame of this round swimming pool gives a unique earthy touch which looks so mesmerizing. The pool is installed on a small patio with the brick base which then creates a modern yet classic overall look.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Fun Creative Design

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Fun Creative Design

A medium-sized swimming pool becomes a very exhilarating spot which is enough to entertain all the coming guest this summer. A slide is even added to the pool to make it way more fun to enjoy. To provide some sitting area, a small deck is built close to the pool in a very admirable way.

For more inspiration, just keep scrolling to check out more above ground swimming pool ideas that we have picked just for you!



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Well, let’s build your very own above ground swimming pool in your beloved backyard now!

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