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Apartment Bathroom Ideas: 20+ Chic and Cozy Decors on a Budget

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One of the challenges that you have to face when you have a tiny apartment is that you have to make each room looks and feels inviting, including the bathroom. The limited space that your apartment has may also limit your ability to decorate it which means that you have properly put all the decor elements. The color schemes, designs of the fixtures, lighting portion, storage stations, and other bathroom stuff should allow you to use the bathroom comfortably every single day.

You may need some inspiration to become the reference so you can find out some tricks to decorate your bathroom properly even with its small dimensions. For that, we share some apartment bathroom ideas that you will totally adore.

Best Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Chic Farmhouse Decor

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Chic Farmhouse Decor

White becomes the main color of this small bathroom which makes it look brighter and wider. The farmhouse-style fixtures and decor items decorate the room in a very admirable way. To give more pattern and texture, white subway tiles cover the wall of the shower room and greyish wood planks handle the flooring of the room.

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor

Wood elements decorate this bathroom which gives a beautiful natural nuance with a cozy warm atmosphere. The white fixtures and white subway tiles brighten up the room as an addition to its white background color. The flooring which is covered by black hexagonal tile makes the room look more elegant. Then, some indoor plants also decorate the room which beautifies and freshens the room at the same time.

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Attractive Bold Decor

The combination of beadboard accent and subway tiles which take over the decor of this bathroom create a unique festive overall look.  The small black vanity and drapes with colorful print give a bold catchy touch which even enhances the attractiveness of the decor. To warm up the room, wood flooring in natural finish is chosen.

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Neutral Decor

The color schemes of this bathroom simply combine grey and white which makes it look so elegant in a very simple way. To give more pattern, grey subway tiles cover the shower area while still keeps the main character of the room. For sure, it’s a really good idea to decorate a bathroom with minimalist decorating style.

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Chic Elegant Decor

Apartment Bathroom Ideas: Chic Elegant Decor

The cabinets in pewter blue colorize this bathroom with all-white nuance which is enough to make it look so beautiful. Those earthy materials and patterned-flooring simply bring the style of the decor to a whole new level.

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