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Eclectic Living Room: 20+ Catchy Ideas that You Can Try Easily

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An eclectic decorating style is a unique option that you can choose if you want to have a living room with a more distinctive nuance. It combines various decor elements like colors, patterns, textures, designs, and even styles. The result is not only a mesmerizing overall look but also a very exhilarating atmosphere at once which makes it always considerable to choose.

However, decorating a living room with an eclectic style can be quite tricky since you may end up having the one which looks and feels uninviting. Even it’s a decorating style in which you can freely bring anything to the room, there’s still a rule to avoid the improper steps.

For your reference, we share tons of eclectic living room ideas that will totally amaze you!

Best Eclectic Living Room Ideas

Eclectic Living Room: Catchy Rustic Decor

Eclectic Living Room: Catchy Rustic Decor

A teal U-shaped sectional, mustard big ottoman, and navy small ottoman on a striped monochrome rug become the main focal point of this living room with the white background color. They combine various colors which perfectly make the room look so attractive. The wood planks which cover the flooring and some pieces of furniture in natural finish then bring the rustic vibe to the decor of the room beautifully.

Eclectic Living Room: Soothing Catchy Decor

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Baby blue works as the main color of the room with the velvet blue classic sofa and ottoman complement it, creating a gorgeously harmonious overall look. Some wall arts decorate one side of the wall which gives a catchy decorative touch. The chandelier, cabinet, and wood flooring bring the beauty of old-time to the nuance of the room in a very stylish way.

Eclectic Living Room: Striking Neutral Decor

A purple sofa with some yellow accessories instantly gives a striking bold touch to this all-grey living room. A catchy colorful rug with geometric pattern adds a more attractive touch as the centerpiece of the decor. Moreover, the textured detail of the wall makes the room look a little bit vintage uniquely.

Eclectic Living Room: Elegant Catchy Decor

All sides of the walls of this living room are colorized by white which looks bright and feels so relaxing. A stylish modern sofa adds an elegant bold color with a small grey chair complements it. An ethnic rug and some indoor plants add another style to the decor of the room.

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Find more eclectic living room ideas by just keep scrolling to complete your inspiration list!

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Well, let’s just pick the best eclectic living room that you really love and update the decor of your very own living room now!

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