Open Dining Room Ideas: 10+ Inspiring Plans for Your Minimalist Home

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Open Dining Room Ideas

An open plan concept is one of the methods that lets every corner of the room open by minimalizing the use of partitions. Though this concept suits best with a small or minimalist home, it doesn’t mean that a spacious room can’t apply it. An open dining room usually places in a linear line between a living room and a kitchen. Another way to set an open plan for a dining room is by placing it in the same space with a living room and a kitchen next to it.

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For your inspiration, we have collected some functional open dining room ideas just for you below!

Best Open Dining Room Ideas:

Open Dining Room Ideas: Elegant Modern Farmhouse

Open Dining Room Ideas: Elegant Modern Farmhouse

A perfect modern farmhouse dining room that is placed in the same space as a living room and a kitchen. To keep it looks less stuffy, make sure to get enough lighting to brighten up each area by installing different lighting fixtures.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Chic Modern Space

Open Dining Room Ideas: Chic Modern Space

A dining room that gives a mid-century and farmhouse vibe from the furniture brings warmth to this open plan. A big window also helps to brighten up the area and makes it feels airy on the day.

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Open Dining Room Ideas: Striking Bold Shade

A bold color from this farmhouse house makes it looks chic and striking. For people who love a farmhouse but also minimalist design, painted furniture like this is a good option that can also be combined with natural wood.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Elegant Neutral Tones

Having a minimalist house doesn’t mean that you can’t have an elegant dining set. To optimize the space, use a round dining table and pendant lamps to enhance the elegance even more.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Stunning Earthy Nuance

Open Dining Room Ideas: Stunning Earthy Nuance

A slightly darker brown dining set matches well with the general concept of the house. To create a different focal point of each area, adding a different rug’s pattern or lighting fixture can also help.

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Open Dining Room Ideas: Warm Natural Accent

Using wood as the main or even an accent to decorate a room can bring warm color that makes it looks elegant. Sleek kitchen furniture with dark wood chairs blends really well and creates a beautiful contrast.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Fresh Rustic Decor

A rustic farmhouse concept makes the entire space looks fresh and lovely. A rustic dining room gives a warm vibe while a farmhouse kitchen with an all-white overall look brings a modern minimalist feeling.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Airy Scandinavian Feeling

Open Dining Room Ideas: Airy Scandinavian Feeling

A dining room with a very simple setting looks so stunning and inviting. This gives a Scandinavian feeling from the neutral shades and minimalist furniture with declutter surroundings.

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Open Dining Room Ideas: Casual Dining Room

This casual dining room looks so cozy and inviting with a placement next to the kitchen and a door to keep it looks bright and more spacious.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Cozy Classic Farmhouse

An open concept can create a cozier vibe like this simple dining room. An all-white concept that is dominating the whole area and a wooden floor makes this space looks stunning and inviting.

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Now choose the best one that you like and get your dining room a new look with an open plan!

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