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Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas: 20+ Inspiring Decors to Copy

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The backyard is one of the most important spots in your house where you can do various kinds of activities. In fact, it’s part of the exterior area which can give the first impression about how the rest of your house looks like. Therefore, it’s always a necessary job to decorate your backyard by giving some landscaping around.

For you who have a backyard with narrow dimensions, it’s perhaps not really easy to du such job. You’re gonna need some kind of inspiration like these small backyard landscaping ideas below that we have picked just for you.

Best Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Small Backyard Landscaping: Rustic Earthy Nuance

Small Backyard Landscaping: Rustic Earthy Nuance

The brown gravels become the base of this small backyard which matches beautifully with the wood fence in natural finish and exposed brick wall, creating a beautiful rustic overall look. The square flagstones are placed on the gravel base t provide the pathway. To make the decor looks more colorful, some greeneries are planted on the rocky bed.

Small Backyard Landscaping: Gorgeous Natural Nuance

Small Backyard Landscaping: Gorgeous Natural Nuance

Tons of greeneries decorate this backyard with the combination of grass and rocks as its base which doesn’t only create a very admirable overall look but also a refreshing atmosphere at the same time. Some statues and decor items also complete the decor of the yard which adds a more aesthetic appeal in a very beautiful way.

Small Backyard Landscaping: Modern Earthy Decor

The rocky section with various kinds of plantation becomes the main focal point of this small backyard which grabs most of the attention. It looks strikingly attractive with the grass base which handles the rest of the yard. The greyish color of the rocks and minimalist arrangement of those greeneries make it fit for you who want to add a more modern twist to the overall look of your backyard.

Small Backyard Landscaping: Colorful Fresh Decor

The colorful flowers decorate the fence of this backyard which looks so adorable. They are planted on the bed with the block border and on the hanging planter in a very catchy way. The landscaping also sparks a very refreshing nuance around the yard which makes it feel so inviting.

Small Backyard Landscaping: Chic Farmhouse Decor

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The vintage decor items with various kinds of greeneries and flowers are displayed in the corner of the backyard which gives a farmhouse touch to its overall look. The wood fence in the rustic greyish finish also complements the decor gorgeously. For sure, it’s very simple landscaping that you can try effortlessly for you who love farmhouse decorating style.

Looking for more ideas? Keep scrolling to find more small backyard landscaping ideas that you will totally admire!



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So those are the best small backyard landscaping that we have collected just for you. Use them as your ultimate reference to decorate your backyard then!

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