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Apartment Bedroom Ideas: 23+ Simple and Cheap DIY Decors to Steal

Apartment Bedroom Ideas feature

It’s always a must to create your bedroom look admirable and feel comfortable at the same time since it’s such the spot that has to offer you the maximum comfort after a long tiring day. Therefore, you have to carefully choose every single element of the decor, starting from the color scheme to all the decor items around.

The job maybe quite easy if you have a bedroom with big dimensions since you can freely bring a lot of decor elements to the room. It will ease you to put everything here and there as you wish to make the room look and feel as inviting as possible. When you have the bedroom with limited space, it can become a more challenging job.

For small rooms, the shades that dominate the color scheme are usually the neutral ones like white and grey. Those colors work really well to make a room with narrow dimensions look simply beautiful with a very relaxing atmosphere. They are good to be the background color of the room then you can give some pop-up colors, patterns, and textures to enhance the attractiveness of the decor. Moreover, decorating a room with neutral background color is considered easy, so you can actually do the job all by yourself.

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Below, we share some inspiring bedroom decors which are perfect to decorate an apartment even with limited space!

Best Apartment Bedroom Ideas

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Cozy Compact Decor

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Cozy Compact Decor

One of the obstacles that you have to face in decorating a tiny bedroom is providing ample storage to neatly arrange your stuff. In this idea, the bedding as the main focal point comes with the built-in shelves which are enough to store some books, linens, and some other things. White becomes the main color of the room which makes the room look simply beautiful with wood elements warm the nuance around naturally.

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Simple Boho Decor

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Simple Boho Decor

A teal accent wall gives a bold color to this tiny bedroom with white background color which simply enhances the beauty of the decor. The earthy decor items like wood open shelf and rattan chandelier add a gorgeous warm tone and texture in a very admirable way. The white blanket with pompoms and brown rug with ethnic pattern as the centerpiece of the room create a Bohemian vibe around. It’s surely a simple bedroom decor that you have to try.

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Catchy Creative Decor

Here, a bedding with wood canopy simply beautifies the small bedroom with beige background color. The canopy comes with string light which even gives a more decorative touch and work as the additional lighting source. Those bedding accessories in orange give a catchy pop-up color which is enough to make the neutral nuance of the room look way more attractive. You can create this kind of bedding all by yourself without costing you a lot.

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Chic Monochrome Decor

White takes over this small bedroom which is applied to the walls and ceiling with white bedding complements it. Some framed pictures, string lights, and tapestry decorate the walls of the room which give a simple aesthetic appeal that you can easily try. To warm up the room, the rug in deep brown covers the flooring. Furthermore, the tall legs of the bedding allow you to store some bedroom stuff conveniently.

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Beautiful Vintage Decor

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Beautiful Vintage Decor

The bedding with black still frame is the focal point of this bedroom which instantly brings the beauty of old time to its decor. The pompoms chandelier, wool throw blanket, furry accent rug, and some wall art make the room look so catchy in a very simple way. Thanks to the use of white which beautifully brightens up the room while wood warm up the nuance around in a very natural way.

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Attractive Tiny Decor

This one is a very tiny bedroom in a small flat which looks so attractive and feel captivating even with its narrow dimensions. Uniquely, yellow highlights the bedding area which gives a strikingly catchy color touch to its white background color. A minimalist bed with simply chic accessories is enough to provide good comfort inside the room. Of course, you can easily copy this bedroom decor which will not cost you a lot.

Apartment Bedroom Ideas: Earthy Minimalist Decor

The color scheme of this bedroom combine white, grey, and wood tone which create a warmly relaxing atmosphere. The bedding with textured accessories looks so gorgeous which harmonizes the nuance of the decor. It’s a beautiful inspiration which fits very well to complete your minimalist home.

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Just keep scrolling to find more inspiring bedrooms for apartment that you will totally admire!

Apartment Bedroom Ideas 8



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Apartment Bedroom Ideas 11





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Well, those are the best bedroom decors that you can use as the ultimate reference when you want to decorate your beloved apartment. They show you how to make a bedroom with limited space look and feel so inviting which is so inspiring to copy. You can apply the arrangement of color scheme, choice of pieces of furniture, application of texture or pattern, and arrangement of decor items.

So, let’s pick the best bedroom decor that you really love and start decorating your very own apartment right away!

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