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Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas: 23+ Simple DIY Designs for Small Backyard

Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas feature

Building a swimming pool always sounds so tempting when you want give some improvements to your backyard. It’s still considered as the most popular water feature since ages ago which is always adored by many homeowners due to tons of benefits that it offers.

Once you have a swimming pool, your backyard will be a superbly entertaining outdoor living space that all family members, friends, and guests can enjoy. Moreover, the attractive design of a swimming pool also gives a more aesthetic appeal which make the overall look of your outdoor space look way more beautiful.

However, the cost to build a swimming pool may make you think twice to include it on your home improvement plan. You should have an extra budget to pay the cost of materials and labor which can be quite expensive especially when you want to have a swimming pool with striking design and sophisticated features.

Don’t worry, if you still want to add a swimming pool to complete your outdoor living space but having a limited budget, you can build the inexpensive one by using cheap materials. Moreover, if you are a handy DIYer, you can build your own swimming pool all by yourself which can save the labor cost.

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Check out some inspiring swimming pool ideas that you can use as reference to improve your backyard in a very affordable way!

Best Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas

Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas: Stock Tank Pool

Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas: Stock Tank Pool

Galvanized stock tank surprisingly can become the main material to build a swimming pool which will not cost you a lot just like this idea shows. The stock tank pool simply gives a more entertaining feature which is enough to make this backyard look and feel more inviting. The pool is placed on the gravel base with the pallet and picket fence surround it, giving a more decorative touch around the pool which is so easy to copy.

Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas: Cozy Plunge Pool

Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas: Cozy Plunge Pool

The deck takes over this backyard which instantly turns it into an exhilarating outdoor living space. A plunge pool completes the feature of the deck which fits for you who want to have cozy relaxing time as you wish. The green tiles that cover the pool looks strikingly beautiful among the deck with the sleek design that fits for you who have a backyard with minimalist decorating style.

Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas: Gorgeous Small Pool

This one is a semi above-ground plunge pool which is installed on the small deck. The tiles with small geometric pattern in neutral finish which cover the construction of the pool makes it look so attractive. The design gives a stylish modern twist to the overall look of the deck in its natural wood finish.To provide more comfort, two chairs complete the decor that you can use to chill after using the pool right away.

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Are you still looking for more ideas? Well, we still have a lot of affordable swimming pool ideas that you will totally adore!


Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas 5




Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas 8



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Cheap Swimming Pool Ideas 11





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Well, that is the list of cheap swimming pool ideas that we have created just for you. They are so inspiring to make your outdoor space look and feel way more inviting even when you have a limited budget. You can add them to your ultimate inspiration list when you have a plan to give some improvements to your home sweet home.

By using some tricks, you can have a swimming pool installed in your backyard even with a limited budget. Using cheap materials like galvanized stock tank or container and designing the pool as simple as possible are some options that you can consider to save the budget to complete your backyard with a swimming pool. You can even build the pool all by yourself without hiring any pro so you won’t have to spend the labor cost.

Noe, you just need to pick he best swimming pool that really suits your needs and taste, then start building your own pool!

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