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Jaw-Dropping Marble Bathroom Ideas That’ll Make You Astonished

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The bathroom is one of the main areas in a house that you need to decorate beautifully because no matter how big the size, what concept to use, and the fact that it’s a private area, it’s still a part of your house. When it comes to creating a dream bathroom, there are several things that you have to consider before decorating it, for example, color, decor items, material, layout, features, and other items.

One of the things that will determine the overall look of the bathroom is the color and material that you will use. As you may have known that every color has its own mood that will be reflected in the room. If you’re currently looking for a material to use in your new bathroom, marble can be a great option to consider. It’s a material that will make your bathroom looks more luxurious and stunning.

Below we have ten marvelous marble bathroom ideas that are worth to add to your bathroom improvement list!

Best Marble Bathroom Ideas

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking Monochromatic Concept

Marble Bathroom Ideas 1

The combination of black and white marble in this bathroom makes it looks so elegant, especially with a wide window that lets natural lights brighten the room. Other than that, a freestanding bowl bathtub and a modern shaded lighting fixture complete the modern feeling in this area. If you’re not into a black and white concept, you can replace it with gray bathroom ideas for a more gradation look.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Elegant Spot

Marble Bathroom Ideas 2

In this idea, the gray marble is used for the wall in the shower area. With some lighting fixture techniques, it enhances the texture and pattern of the marble. To soften the bold and masculine nuance, a wood element is a great choice to use in the dry area that also adds more warmth. This idea is suitable for people who have a modern or minimalist house to complete the look even more.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Stunning Gold Accent

For people who love an all-white concept, it would be nice to add another earthy and elegant element to the bathroom. The all-white concept is a perfect base to use for a safe canvas. Then gold lining accents from the partition frame and bulb pendants make this bathroom looks exceptionally luxurious. You will absolutely get a more luxurious vibe while getting ready for daily activities.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Chic Minimalist Look

Of course, a minimalist style will never fade away because it gives an elegant overall look. Slightly different from the other ideas, this bathroom only uses marble for the floor and keeps other furniture and decor simple and neat. Again, good lighting will enhance each part of the bathroom so it looks more outstanding by the light that is reflected in the marble flooring and other white elements.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Black and White

Marble Bathroom Ideas 5

If using a single color of marble on one side is not enough, then combining both of them at once is a good way to upgrade the usual monochromatic concept to another level. The black marble flooring and white one on the wall bring this bathroom a wholesome luxurious nuance. The use of white marble for the toiletries shelves and lighting play a big role in this whole design.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Warm Nuance

Other than wood, using earthy tiles is also a good way to make any room look warmer. As can be seen in this idea, the gray tiles give more color but still looks soft because they match perfectly with the surroundings. The white marble that is used for the floor and sink is enough to create a statement point in this room. Even if it’s quite simple, it still looks stunning with each characteristic that blends so well.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Sleek Beige Marble

Do you have a galley-style bathroom? By using white marble for the entire floor and half of the wall can bring a wider illusion to the narrow area. Just like the previous idea, a solid color can be used to bring a more accent that also works as decorative additions. If you want to bring a practical and useful feature, install a huge mirror to help reflect the light and white marble.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Exhilarating Clean Layout

Marble Bathroom Ideas 8

This bathroom has a unique layout with how the freestanding bathtub has its own platform made of marble that is contradicting with the regular all-white bathtub. On the other side, the same material covers the vanity area that looks pretty. The double black sink and round mirror blend really well with each other. You might also want to add another item with other colors to bring more colors and accents.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Luxurious Master Bathroom

Here is we have another unique bathroom layout that provides a separate brown marble platform for the bathtub. Divided with a simple partition, there is a vanity with a shelf color that matches the brown marble next to it. To balance the look, you might want to use white marble for the floor and the wall behind the mirror. Then complete the design with some lighting fixtures that will bring the mood.

Marble Bathroom Ideas: Lovely Brown Accents

Using marble to cover all areas is another way to make everyone gasp as soon as you enter the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom but want to make a bold statement, you might want to steal this idea. A simple shower area is placed perfectly next to the toilet with the same background of beige marble.

So, how do you think about a bathroom that is covered by marble? Choosing marble as the main material to dominate a bathroom can be one of the best choices that you can choose. Of course, you don’t have to use it to cover the whole area and just use it based on your style and budget.

If you are planning to improve the look of your bathroom, adding a marble touch is worth adding to your list. Just pick the best bathroom marble that you like and get your tools to redecorate your bathroom now!

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