Kids Bedroom Ideas: Playful Decor to Entertain Your Little Ones

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Kids Bedroom Ideas

Decorating children’s bedrooms can be different because it needs more attractions to keep them entertained but still cozy for them to play. It’s also important to choose furniture with a sleek and round edge so it’s safer. If you’re planning to add a drawer or shelf, make sure to choose a smaller size or a built-in one so it prevents your children to climb.

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For you who are planning to make your kid’s bedroom becomes more fun, we have collected some best creative kid bedroom ideas below!

Best Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Bright Bedroom

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Bright Bedroom

While some children want a cute lace and princess-vibe bedroom, some others want something that is more simple. This minimalist feminine bedroom looks so stunning with a simple bed and neat organization of floating shelves and woven drawers.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Attractive Indoor Feature

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Attractive Indoor Feature

This simple bedroom is usually used for toddlers or teens who love more minimalist features other than a decorative one. For an entertaining feature, add an indoor swing chair or hammock as shown in this idea.

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Kids Bedroom Ideas: Fun Simple Loft

A loft bedroom layout that provides both fun and decorative overall look. For the upper part, it can be used for the bed, while the lower part is a fluffy playing area with a soft couch.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Stunning Bedroom Layout

Another unique bedroom that looks quite simple but also attractive with a loft concept. The upper part can be used for another bed or playing room with a net or rope that can be a playful feature.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Simple Bunk Bed

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Simple Bunk Bed

For people with twins, triplets or quadruplet but only have one bedroom, a bunk bed is the best choice. You can make either something like this or the one with a storage feature at the bottom for their toys.

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Kids Bedroom Ideas: Airy Bunk Bed

If you have a quite wide bedroom for your twins and want to make a playroom in the same space, you might want to make a simple bunk bed. Therefore, you can optimize the rest of the room as a playroom and put a sitting set.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Colorful Loft Bedroom

Decorating children’s bedrooms with colorful and playful decor items can be a good way to attract their attention. From the bed frame, sheet, bedding, lamps, and rug look entertaining and you might want to empty some parts of the wall to put their artworks.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Exciting Cozy Bedroom

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Exciting Cozy Bedroom

A unique bedroom layout with a cozy reading nook on the bottom and study corner at the side. Whether for a bedroom or a playing area, never forget to add net protection on the upper area.

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Kids Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Bunk Bed

An elegant bunk bed with an individual privacy curtain that you can use to give more privacy for each child. A sleek and simple bed looks elegant and gives a slightly dreamy look.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Breathtaking Indoor Feature

Depending on your children’s age, you would want to adjust the height of the house so it’s safe to climb. To optimize other spots, make the lower part as a simple reading nook or a playing corner.

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It’s always great to give your children a fun bedroom that can entertain them without opting-out its main purpose and comfort. So, now you’re ready to redecorate your little one’s bedroom!

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