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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: 20+ Latest Inspirations for Your Remodel Plan

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas feature

The backsplash is obviously one of the essential parts of every kitchen which offers various benefits. Of course, the main function of the backsplash is to protect the walls around the sink and prep area from water, soap, chemicals, and other harmful elements. It lets the paint of the walls look beautiful overtimes.

Moreover, as part of the kitchen decor, the backsplash also works as the focal point of the room. In fact, if you prefer to install the counter-to-ceiling backsplash (which takes over most of the space inside the room) it will be the main attention grabber which hugely influences the overall look of the kitchen itself.

Today, there are various kinds of materials that you can use for the backsplash. Besides the tiles, some newer materials like glass, metal, wood, mirror, and even the water-proof wallpaper always look so tempting when it comes to kitchen backsplash. Of course, each one of them has their own plus and minus points which mainly relate to the beauty, reliability, durability, and beauty.

Therefore, it’s so important to get to know the character of each material when you are about to install or update the backsplash of your kitchen. You have to choose the one which really suits your needs, taste, and available budget.

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Below, we share some enchanting kitchen backsplashes that you can use as the consideration before you decide to go with one particular material and design.

Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Catchy Minimalist Style

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Catchy Minimalist Style

The grey subway tiles are arranged in Herringbone pattern which simply gives an elegant touch. It looks catchy without making the room feels too overwhelming due to its neutral style which fits for you who love minimalist decorating style. It complements the all-white cabinets in a very beautiful way. For sure, it’s a very good idea to give a decorative touch to your minimalist kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Simple Contemporary Style

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Simple Contemporary Style

Here, the solid white tiles with hexagonal pattern styles up the backsplash area which looks so elegant. The contemporary design of the tiles match gorgeously with the sleek cabinet in beige. To match the backsplash, white stone countertop is chosen which brightens up the prep area very well. It’s definitely an inspiring idea to update the decor of your kitchen to become the more trendy one.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Chic Farmhouse Style

The popularity of farmhouse decorating style never fades away from the latest option, just like this idea shows. The subway tiles in white cover the counter-to-ceiling backsplash area with the vintage cabinets in grey s the focal point of the room. Those elements instantly give the farmhouse nuance inside the room which is so tempting to copy.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Gorgeous Rustic Style

Some wood planks in natural finish decorate the backsplash of this kitchen which brings the beauty of nature around. The wood countertop complements it which makes it perfect for you who love rustic decorating style. Those cabinets, shelves, and sink in white finish let the earthy tones of the backsplash and countertop pop up attractively.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Stunning Glass Style

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Stunning Glass Style

For you have an extra budget, choosing glass backsplash can be a good option to enhance the attractiveness and comfort of your kitchen. In this idea, the glass sheet in grey is installed which looks so mesmerizing. It beautifully complements the stainless steel cabinet with black stone countertop in a very amazing way. It’s surely a perfect idea to decorate a kitchen with modern minimalist style.

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Elegant Transitional Style

In this idea, the steel panel with Moroccan pattern gives a transitional touch to the decor of the kitchen. It adds a catchy decorative touch while also works as the durable protector of the walls. The concrete countertop in natural finish matches elegantly with the backsplash which create a mesmerizing neutral overall look. It’s a good alternative to use steel backsplash in a more decorative way.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Unique Catchy Style

Using removable tiles sticker is an affordable alternative that you can keep in mind to create an attractive backsplash. Here, the tiles decal with colorful patchwork pattern simply gives a striking aesthetic appeal. The white cabinets with black countertop makes the backplash look so attractive due to its monochrome overall look. You can easily try this idea to decorate your kitchen right away.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Outstanding Mirror Style

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Outstanding Mirror Style

An enchanting kitchen with mirror subway tiles which is so tempting to have. The tiles cover the counter-to-ceiling backsplash area which is enough to bring the style of the decor to a whole new level. The all-white cabinet which becomes another focal point brighten up the kitchen stunningly. Moreover, the crystal chandelier and gold hardware glamorize the overall look of the decor very well.

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Are you still looking for more kitchen backsplash inspiration? Well, just keep scrolling to find the rest of the ideas that we have picked just for you below!







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The variety of materials that you can choose for the kitchen backsplash allows you to freely choose the one that you really love. The finishes, patterns, and textures of each material will give a particular character to the overall look of your kitchen which means you have to know how you want your kitchen look and feel like at first. Also, don’t forget to consider the reliability and durability of the backspalsh as its basic main function to protect your kitchen.

So, just choose the best kitchen backsplash that really suits your needs an taste now!

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