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Backyard Pond Ideas: 21+ Beautiful DIY Designs to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

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The beauty and comfort of your home are not only determined by its interior, but the outdoor space around also has a huge influence in creating its overall look and atmosphere. In fact, the exterior area of your home can give the first impression on how the rest of your home look and feel like. Therefore, it’s always an important step to decorate your outdoor space like front and backyard as attractive as possible.

When it comes to the decor of exterior area, commonly the decor items which relate to earthy elements become the most favorite options. The trees, flowers, greeneries, ponds, fountains, and waterfall are some considerable addition that you can use to style up your outdoor space. They can create a more admirable overall look and comfortable atmosphere at the same time.

Pond is one of the types of water feature which are chosen by many homeowners. It will give such a beautiful natural touch to your backyard which freshens the atmosphere around. You can fill the pond by beautiful aquatic plantations and colorful fishes which will make it mire enjoyable. Then, adding other water features like fountain and waterfall will enhance the beauty of a backyard pond perfectly.

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For sure, a pond will become the gorgeous focal point around your backyard which grabs most of the attention. Below, we share some inspiring backyard ponds that you will totally admire!

Best Backyard Pond Ideas

Backyard Pond Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor

Backyard Pond Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor

The beautiful pond with tons of various kinds of plantation which looks so beautiful. Those colorful flowers give a very attractive touch around the pond in a very admirable way. Moreover, the rocky waterfall also gives a more decorative touch which aerate those aquatic plants at the same time.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Gorgeous Koi Pond

Backyard Pond Ideas: Gorgeous Koi Pond

Those colorful kois live in this small pond which makes it look so colorful. The rocky construction of the pond blends beautifully with the natural surrounding. Then, various kinds of plantations around the pond give a more lovely natural touch and atmosphere.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Simple Catchy Pond

This pond is made of preformed liner which is perfect for you who want to build one all by yourself. A small waterfall simply gives a more decorative touch which helps the fishes to get more air. The aquatic and small plants then decorate the pond which makes it look more natural.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Minimalist Rocky Pond

The greyish rocks and gravels which decorate this pond makes it look striking among the grass field backyard which is perfect to complement a home with minimalist decorating style. Those plantations then colorize the neutral overall look of the pond.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Simple Aquatic Garden

Backyard Pond Ideas: Simple Aquatic Garden

Galvanized stock tank can be another alternative to build a pond beside the performed liner. It’s a good material that you can use to build a pond all by yourself at home. In this idea, a stock tank pond with various kinds of aquatic plants give an attractive aesthetic appeal which is so tempting to copy.

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Backyard Pond Ideas: Captivating Earthy Backyard

This backyard is decorated by tons of various plantations which create an outstanding overall look and captivating atmosphere naturally. A small pond with fountain then becomes the centerpiece of the backyard decor to give more feature around. It’s surely an inspiring way to beautify a backyard with narrow dimensions.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Small Rocky Pond

For you who prefer to have a tiny pond, this idea can be a good inspiration to copy. It’s made of pond liner with some rocks decorate its edge. It becomes another focal point which is enough to create a more beautiful overall look.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Beautiful Colorful Pond

Backyard Pond Ideas: Beautiful Colorful Pond

Two ponds which are made of liners in various shapes are the centerpiece of this backyard with grass base which looks so mesmerizing. The greeneries and flowers decorate the ponds which naturally gives a colorful touch. Moreover, the rocks also beautify the pond which complement the natural design of the pond perfectly.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Side Koi Pond

This one is a koi pond which is built on the side of the house which gives a uniquely beautiful aesthetic appeal. The floating planters with gorgeous flowers decorate the pond which enhances its attractiveness in a very natural way. They make the pond look so colorful.

Backyard Pond Ideas: Stunning Modern Pond

A stunning above-ground koi pond with triangular shape beautifies this backyard which is perfect for you who have a modern house. The pond has a glass window which allows you to watch the colorful fishes swimming around from any directions. Moreover, a pergola covers the pond which filter the sun exposure which may harm the plants and the fishes.

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Are you still looking for more ideas? Below, we still have the rest of the inspiring backyard ponds that will totally blow your mind!





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Those ideas show you the admirable backyard ponds that you can create all by yourself. You can add a beautiful water feature without costing a lot since you don’t really have to hire a pro or use expensive materials. Of course, you can use the list as the reference when you have a plan to improve your exterior area.

So now, you just need to pick the best backyard pond which really suits your needs and taste, then start decorating your very own backyard now!

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