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Living Room Plant Ideas: 19+ Simple Decors to Freshen Up Your Home

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Adding plants to your living room decor is obviously a very good idea. There are lots of indoor plants which work really well both to add a more aesthetic appeal to the overall look of your living room and freshen up the atmosphere inside. You can also easily find tons of catchy planters that will enhance the attractiveness of the room’s decor. In other words, completing the decor of our living room with indoor plants is a very good way to make it look and feel so inviting at once.

For your inspiration, we have picked some awesome inspirations that show you how to properly decorate your living room with some indoor plants that you can copy right away.

Best Living Room Plant Ideas

Living Room Plant: Chic Tropical Vibe

Living Room Plant: Chic Tropical Vibe

A tall banana indoor plant si placed in the corner of this living room which looks so catchy among its white background color. It simply gives a beautiful tropical vibe around the room which is so tempting to have. The wood flooring in natural finish then adds a more earthy nuance in a very admirable way.

Living Room Plant: Gorgeous Garden Corner

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Various kinds of houseplant which include fiddle leaf fig, banana plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, ZZ plant, and bromeliad decorate the corner of this living room which looks so enchanting. A round shelf works to arrange dome plants while the others are placed on some chic planters. Of course, it becomes the spot of the room which grabs most of the attention.

Living Room Plant: Catchy Hanging Plants

Besides decorating the floor of your living room with some plants, you can also hang them just like this idea shows. Some small houseplants on adorable planters are hung by the ropes which will simply make your living room look way more attractive. If you are a handy DIYer, you can create this kind of decor item all by yourself easily and affordably.

Living Room Plant: Adorable Green Gallery

Dozens of cute indoor plants on wood floating shelf decorate one side of the wall of this living room in a very beautiful way. It becomes the natural gallery which catches so many attentions. For sure, it’s a very inspiring DIY project which is so worth to try.

Living Room Plant: Stylish Earthy Decor

Living Room Plant: Stylish Earthy Decor

To create this kind of decor item, you will need some ladders, indoor plants, and planters. Then, you just need to hang the planters with houseplants on the ladders and put them in the corner of your living room.

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Just pick the best plant that you really adore now!

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