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Simple Living Room: 19+ Easy Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Decorating your living room with a simple overall look may not sound like a really bad idea. In fact, since the popularity of minimalist decorating style never fades away from the home improvement trend, applying the simple style for your living room decor is a very good option to consider. Moreover, since minimalist decor doesn’t involve too many decor elements, you can easily create it all by yourself without needing any helps from a pro and you won’t need to spend extra budget as well.

The simple living rooms below will show you the way to decorate your beloved living room in a very effective and efficient way which are so worth to copy.

Best Simple Living Rooms Ideas

Simple Living Rooms: Chic Neutral Decor

Simple Living Room: Chic Neutral Decor

Grey becomes the background color of this living room which creates a simple overall look and relaxing vibe. The L-shaped small sectional in white is the main focal point of the room with the white rug and rug complement it, adding a brighter neutral touch. Then, the table set with wood tabletop, indoor plants, and yellow throw pillows give a chic earthy contrast beautifully.

Simple Living Rooms: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

Simple Living Room: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

This one is an all-white living room in which the ceiling and walls are colorized in such color. The pieces of furniture and accessories in white matches very well with the background color of the room. To make it look more attractive, the wood flooring, table, and some indoor plants decorate it.

Simple Living Rooms: Simple All-White Decor

White takes over this living room with all the main focal points also come in a similar color. The room looks harmoniously gorgeous with a very captivating atmosphere. For sure, it’s a very inspiring way to decorate a living room with narrow dimensions that you can easily copy.

Simple Living Rooms: Modern Rustic Decor

An accent wall in natural concrete finish adds an elegant rustic touch with a more modern twist to the overall look of this living room. A grey sectional adds another focal point which complement the accent wall. White handles the rest of the room which brightens it up beautifully.

Simple Living Rooms: Stylish Rustic Decor

Simple Living Room: Stylish Rustic Decor

Here, a wallpaper with exposed brick instantly brings the rustic style to the decor of the room while complementing its white background color at once. The wood flooring and table in natural finish enhance the rustiness of the room and warm up the nuance inside. The main focal point which is the grey sofa lets the pattern and texture of the decor element pop up very well.

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