Living Room with TV Ideas: 20+ Lovely Inspiration for Entertainment Spot

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Living Room with TV Ideas

Everybody knows that a living room is a spot where you use it to gather around with your coming guests, whether it’s friends or family members. It represents your style and taste, therefore, you might want to decorate it as pretty as possible. Some methods that you can use to decorate a living room are by using decor items, paintings or others.

One of the ways to give your coming guests an entertainment feature is by installing a TV. As a part of the home appliance, a TV is like a basic thing to put in a living room. We all know that it’s can be one of the centerpiece items in a living room because you can watch your favorite movie TV series with your loved one.

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Below we have collected dozens of ideas of living room with a TV that will inspire you. Let’s just started!

Best Living Room with TV Ideas

Living Room with TV Ideas: Earthy Contemporary Design

Living Room with TV Ideas: Earthy Contemporary Design

When it comes to a modern concept, a contemporary style is indeed stunning. This modern contemporary concept of a living room gives a charming and relaxing look. This spot looks really cozy and quite casual with a low round table and light gray wall as the background. Instead of using common potted plants, place cactus for a unique look.

Living Room with TV Ideas: Elegant White Farmhouse

Living Room with TV Ideas: Elegant White Farmhouse

An all-white overall look may look classic and ‘outdated’ for some people but it’s an ultimate choice to create an elegant finish. For a living room with a fireplace, the most common way to place a TV is by placing it on top of that. To give a more beautiful decoration, add some shelves to showcase some of your favorite stuff.

Living Room with TV Ideas: Simple TV Stand

A simple TV stand can be very helpful because it doesn’t need much space to take. Also, it can become storage to keep the living room neat and clean. A classic ceiling fan gives a rustic and vintage feel which gives a beautiful contradiction with the surroundings.

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Living Room with TV Ideas 5




Living Room with TV Ideas 8


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Keep scrolling to find more beautiful modern living rooms that will amaze you below!

Living Room with TV Ideas 10





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Well, those are some ideas of a living room with a TV that you can use as your reference if you are planning to add a TV in your living room. Depends on the size of the area where you will put the TV, you will have various options. It can be a TV stand, floating shelf, built-in deck or above the fireplace.

Just choose the one that suits your taste and install your own entertainment media now!

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