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How to Maintain Hot Tubs | 6 Tips You Have to Know

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How to Maintain Hot Tubs

Having your own hydrotherapy feature like a hot tub is indeed great since you can get a relaxing time anytime in any season. However, as a hot tub owner, it’s very important to remember that you can’t just use and leave it once you’re done without taking care of it because you don’t want to soak your body in dirty or acidic water.

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Here are a few things to note on how to maintain your hot tub so it stays clean and lasts longer.

How to Maintain Hot Tubs

Water Circulation

If you have an outdoor hot tub, make sure that the water circulation is in good condition since it’s more likely to get exposed to all contaminants that can cause bacteria to grow faster.

  • Some hot tubs come with automatic settings that can schedule the circulation time by themselves.
  • For people who have a standard hot tub with manual settings, you can do it by turning on the hot tub for about 15-20 minutes.

Water Chemistry Level

This step can be done at least twice a week to prevent a high acidic level that may cause irritation to your skin and damage the hot tub itself.

– pH range should be between 7.4 – 7.6. If the number is less than this, it means that it’s too acidic, and if the number is above means that the water is too basic and will make the sanitizer works less.

– Alkalinity level should be between 100 ppm (parts per million) to 150 ppm. If the number is too high, it might cause cloudy water and scaling.

– Calcium hardness needs to be about 100 ppm to 250 ppm. It might cause corrosion if it’s too low and create cloudiness if it’s too high.

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Hot Tub Filters

Cleaning hot tub filters can be done at least every two weeks. There are three methods to clean the filter based on the needs:

– Rinsing it with warm water or use a hose to clean the build-up.

– Soaking the filter with a filter cleaner for deep cleansing and removing stubborn contaminants.

– Spray the filter with a cleaner and rinse it with clean water.

Sanitizing and Shocking

If you’re not using the hot tub for a while or when you have been using it often, do this step by using two optional products:

– Chlorine kills contaminants faster than bromine but can leave smells, harsh on the skin, hair, and eyes if you put too much.

– Bromine kills more slowly, barely leaves any odor, and is more gentle to the skin. From the price point, it’s quite more expensive than chlorine.

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Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are another part that might show mildew due to dampness.

– Use a clean and soft cloth, and wipe the cover twice a week up to once a month.

– Take off the cover and air it out for one or two days to remove the bad odor.

– If there are any rips, grab tape or patch and cover the ripped area immediately.

Hot Tub Surface

Scrub the surface of the hot tub to clean any dirt, grease, and build-up, especially if your hot tub is installed outdoors.

– Use a soft sponge to wipe the shell and around the jets.

– Regular tub cleaning can be done weekly before or after use.

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Of course, you can always contact a hot tub professional to be sure. Check your hot tub right now!

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