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Loft Bedroom Ideas: 24+ Creative Space-Saving Concepts to Steal

Loft Bedroom Ideas

Having a minimalist home can sometimes be a good thing but it’s also a big challenge that tests your creativity to make your home looks stunning yet feels cozy at the same time. It may look fine for other rooms but when it comes to a bedroom, you have to make it feel as comfortable as possible as it will affect your comfort as well.

Choosing the right bedroom layout or arrangement is important because you don’t want to feel ‘trapped’ or stuffy in your own room. One of the bedroom concepts that you worth trying is a loft plan which means that you make a bedroom in a higher place.

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To give some inspirations of a space-saving bedroom, we have compiled some best loft bedroom ideas just for you below!

Best Loft Bedroom Ideas

Loft Bedroom Ideas: Functional Loft Bedroom

Loft Bedroom Ideas: Functional Loft Bedroom

Instead of using a full wood plank to block all the bottom part of the bed, this idea is definitely a great example of optimizing every empty corner. By making this as a bed frame or base, you can optimize the lower part as an organization. You can use it as additional storage to put shoes, books, accessories, and other stuff.

Loft Bedroom Ideas: Creative Functional Loft

Loft Bedroom Ideas: Creative Functional Loft

This small bedroom gives a very creative impression with a bed on the top and uses the lower part for a kitchen and storage. To give easy access between the bed, center room, and kitchen, it would also good to use portable stairs or ladders so it can be moved to another side. On the lower shelves, use it as a simple wardrobe for clothes and washing machine.

Loft Bedroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Loft Bedroom

If other loft bedrooms have a post or something that can support it on the bottom, this floating style loft bed looks unique. Instead, it has a holder on the top that supports it. Meanwhile, the lower part becomes a seating area with a cozy atmosphere.

Loft Bedroom Ideas: Decorative Loft Bedroom

For those who are not a fan of neutral shades, use some decor items that can make it looks more eye-catching. Patterned fabrics are used as curtains around the post and even make it as a shade to create a self-made walk-in closet.

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Loft Bedroom Ideas 5




Loft Bedroom Ideas 8




Loft Bedroom Ideas 11

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If you’re looking for more loft bedroom ideas, just keep scrolling because we still have some more left!






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Those are some loft bedroom ideas that you can steal to make your bedroom feels comfortable and save more space. By making a loft bedroom, you can also put some stuff on the stairs that also provide a more organized and neat look.

Just pick your favorite loft bedroom style and start redecorating your own now!

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