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Industrial Bedroom Ideas: 19+ Stylish Designs to Keep Your Room Updated

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Industrial Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to the main or master bedroom, people want to make it as comfortable as possible because it’s their personal area to relax and play. Therefore, choosing a concept is important to make it happens. We are sure that you may have heard about the industrial concept.

It’s a modern design that enhances the rawness and roughness of the surrounding materials. For example, uncovered pipes or cables, unfinished look of a concrete surface, exposed brick wall or others. Also, this design usually includes metal, steel, and wood to show more industrial feeling.

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Are you ready to feel amazed by the rough industrial bedrooms? If you are, we have compiled some of them below so let’s check them out!

Best Industrial Bedroom Ideas

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Exhilarating Pendant Lights

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Exhilarating Pendant Lights

When usually a cable of a pendant or chandelier is hidden behind the wall or ceiling, in this interior concept you are free, well you have, to show it all. Instead of hiding the cables covered, expose them all directly above the bed. Another point that looks standout is the usage of a portable bed frame instead of the regular one.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Masculine Dark Bedroom

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Masculine Dark Bedroom

For some people, industrial design may look messy so for homeowners who are not sure yet, this idea is worth to try. Just expose some parts of the room like the brick wall and raw wooden bed frame like this idea. It minimizes the number of exposed materials and makes it looks more subtle.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Unique Wall Fixture

This industrial bedroom looks captivating with the exposed brick wall that also gives a slight rustic feeling. Well, of course, there are various ways to get this look whether using real bricks or wallpaper to give a more detailed texture. Again, a pendant is there to complete the concept in a simple way with a simple single pendant.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Dark Grey

Grey shade gives a masculine but elegant look to a bedroom. The first thing that attracts our attention is the exposed pipes on the ceiling that’s used as a deck to hang the bulbs. On the other side, the wall itself looks unfinished which completes the concept more real.

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Industrial Bedroom Ideas 5




Industrial Bedroom Ideas 8


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Don’t miss other inspiring industrial bedroom ideas by keep scrolling this page!





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The industrial design is a great choice if you like a modern concept of interior or simply for you who love to keep the raw look. By using this concept, you get both the unique and aesthetic look that feels cozy. Now all you need to do is pick the best industrial bedroom idea that you like and start exploring in your own bedroom right away!

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