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Small Hot Tub Ideas: 20+ Simply Mesmerizing Ideas for Cozy Backyard

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The home experts state that a hot tub is a good investment which makes it always become a good addition to complete the feature of your house. It offers you a lot of benefits which will allow you to have a pampering spa service as you wish in your own house.

Today, you can find a lot of hot tubs in the market which are designed in various styles and equipped with sophisticated technology. The materials, size, shape, and hydrotherapy features are some factors that make it different from one to another. Of course, the choice is yours which depends on your needs and taste.

Moreover, some homeowners even create hot tubs all by themselves by using more affordable and easily-available materials. It can be a good alternative especially if you have a limited budget, but you have to be familiar with DIY projects to build your own hot tub at home.

Whatever it is, a hot tub will instantly turn your boring backyard into a joyful outdoor living space. You don’t really to install a huge hot tub if you prefer to have the one for an intimate or personal relaxing time. A hot tub with small dimensions is enough to relax your stiff muscle and heavy head after a long tiring day.

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Below, we share some inspiring small hot tubs which are so tempting to bring to your beloved backyard!

Best Small Hot tub Ideas

Small Hot tub Ideas: Intimate Oval Design

Small Hot tub Ideas: Intimate Oval Design

A modern hot tub in oval design which fits up to 2 adults becomes the main focal point of this backyard. The shell of the tub is finished in white with the faux wood frame which looks so beautiful. The steps in the natural wood finish also complete the feature of the hot tub in a very simple way. Of course, it’s a very tempting hot tub that fits well for a narrow backyard.

Small Hot tub Ideas: Roto Molded Design

Small Hot tub Ideas: Roto Molded Design

Roto-molded hot tub is a more affordable option than the one which is made of acrylic just like this idea shows. The tub is designed in triangular design which comes with steps and planters in a similar design. It fits up to 3 adults comfortably which makes it a good option for a small family. The flowers which decorate the tub enhance its attractiveness naturally.

Small Hot tub Ideas: Portable Inflatable Tub

If you want to have a more practical hot tub, the one with an inflatable design is a very good option for you. You can inflate it anytime you need and move it anywhere you want. The price of this kind of hot tub is also the cheapest one which won’t cost you a lot. This one is an inflatable hot tub from SaluSpa with the catchy pattern that everyone will totally love.

Small Hot tub Ideas: Earthy Modern Tub

This one is a traditional hot tub that is made of wood in a round design. The hot tub is installed on the deck with a built-in bench which makes it look and feel so inviting. Lots of colorful pillows also decorate the bench to provide much better comfort and give more decorative touch. Moreover, the tiki fence completes the feature of the hot tub which gives cozy privacy.

Small Hot tub Ideas: Cozy Inground Tub

Small Hot tub Ideas: Cozy Inground Tub

An in-ground hot tub is the one that is recommended for you who have an extra budget to improve your backyard. In this idea, a rectangular hot tub in in-ground installation becomes the main focal point of this patio which looks so enjoyable. The concrete blocks work as the material which surrounds the hot tub, creating a rustic overall look. Furthermore, a fireplace is also installed to warm up the area in a very admirable way.

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Small Hot tub Ideas: Modern Rustic Design

Here, a semi-inground hot tub with the small deck and pergola simply enhances the comfort and the attractiveness of the backyard. The pergola and tree work really well to filter excessive sun exposure which allows you to enjoy the hot tub in the broad daylight. The deck and pergola construction in earthy finish flows beautifully with the natural surrounding.

Small Hot tub Ideas: Minimalist Round Design

Another tempting roto molded hot tub which is perfect to decorate your small outdoor living space, and this one comes in round design. The grey finish of the hot tub makes it fit for you who love minimalist decorating style. The tub has a quite deep design which makes it feel so comfortable to enjoy even with its small dimensions.

Small Hot tub Ideas: Gorgeous Earthy Design

Small Hot tub Ideas: Gorgeous Earthy Design

A small triangular hot tub in deep brown finish gives a gorgeous aesthetic appeal and cozy feature at the same time to this modern backyard. It’s a beautiful small hot tub which is so tempting to have to turn your boring backyard into a fun outdoor living space.

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Haven’t you found the best small hot tub that you really adore? Well, we still have some inspiring ideas that will totally blow your mind!

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Those ideas show you that choosing a small hot tub is never a bad idea since they are enough to complete the feature of your home. They come with a reliable hydrotherapy feature that fits for you who want to have a personal or intimate relaxing time at your own home.

So now, you just need to pick the best small hot tub that you really love and improve your own backyard!

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