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Backyard Bar Ideas: 22+ Gorgeously Cozy Designs for Small Yards

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The exterior area is actually the part of your house which can be an extra space that you can use to do various kinds of activities. You can build some additions that will enhance the beauty and comfort of the area like adding a patio, deck, or a bar. In other words, turning your boring backyard into an entertaining outdoor area is a very good consideration to keep in mind.

A bar, for instance, is a simple idea that will provide a cozy sitting area that all the family members and guests can enjoy. It’s will become a fun spot to have some drinks, snacks, meals with everyone which makes it so tempting to have.

Moreover, the attractive design of the bar will totally grab lots of attention which makes it the main focal point of your outdoor space. It will give such a striking decorative touch that brings the style of your exterior area to a whole new level.

There are tons of backyard bar designs that you can find today which are so inspiring to copy. They are built to create a more admirable and comfortable outdoor living space that everyone will surely love.

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Here, we have picked dozens of inspiring backyard bars that you can use as the ultimate reference to give some improvements to your own outdoor space!

Best Backyard Bar Ideas

Backyard Bar Ideas: Gorgeous Coastal Design

Backyard Bar Ideas: Gorgeous Coastal Design

The design of this backyard bar looks so beautiful with its coastal style. The bar comes with a beadboard accent in a white finish and rustic wood countertop with the earthy stools. It even has a shade that filters excessive sun exposure so you can enjoy the bar even in the broad daylight. Moreover, some plantations around the bar make it look and feel way more inviting.

Backyard Bar Ideas: Beautiful Rustic Design

Backyard Bar Ideas: Beautiful Rustic Design

The exposed rocks of the design of this bar make it fit for you who love the rustic decorating style. The grey marble countertop then gives a more earthy touch to its overall look. Those rattan stools complement the design of the bar in a very beautiful way. Then, the small pergola in white completes the feature of the bar which is enough to make it look more attractive and feel more comfortable.

Backyard Bar Ideas: Simple Cozy Design

For you who have a narrow outdoor space, this one is a good inspiration that you can copy. The bar is mounted on the outside the wall close to the kitchen, so you can use it as an additional dining area. The bar is finished white which matches gorgeously with the window and the overall look of the kitchen. 3 stools are provided which are enough to comfort the bar.

Backyard Bar Ideas: Creative DIY Design

If you are a handy DIYer, you can try to build this kind of bar that uses cheap materials. Wood and galvanizes steel sheets are the main materials which build up the construction of the bar which surely won’t cost you a lot. A canopy is installed to shade the bar and the kitchen. The size of the bar is effective enough to fit a backyard with very limited space.

Backyard Bar Ideas: Exhilarating DIY Bar

Backyard Bar Ideas: Exhilarating DIY Bar

Another inspiring backyard bar that you can build all by yourself, and it still uses similar materials to the previous idea. Instead of using stools, the swings work as the sitting area which makes it feel so exhilarating to enjoy. For sure, it’s a very entertaining feature which is so worth to improve your outdoor living space.

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Backyard Bar Ideas: Fun Beach Design

The earthy design if this backyard bar flows beautifully with the natural surrounding of this backyard. The sand which becomes the base of the yard complement the overall look of the bar which then creates a beach atmosphere. Moreover, tons of nautical decor items also style up the bad which even makes it look so attractive.

Backyard Bar Ideas: Cheap DIY Design

Wood shipping pallets are the main material of this backyard bar which fits for you who want to add a cozy sitting area on a budget. The construction of the bar and even the stools are made of pallets which won’t cost you a lot at all. For sure, it’s a very cheap bar which is enough to provide an exhilarating spot in your beloved backyard.

Backyard Bar Ideas: Simple Small Design

Backyard Bar Ideas: Simple Small Design

This one is a tiny backyard bar that you can build easily at home. Though it’s not really huge, it’s still enough to become a fun relaxing spot in your outdoor space. The bar is enough to handle two stools comfortably.

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If you haven’t found the right backyard bar which really fits your needs and taste, don’t worry, we still have the rest of the ideas that you will totally admire!












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Adding a bar to the exterior area of your house is never a bad idea since you can use it as a very joyful spot for everyone. For sure, you can hold a fun backyard party once you have a bar installed in your outdoor space.

Moreover, you can also build a backyard bar all by yourself if you are familiar with some DIY projects. It can be a very good alternative to enhance the comfort and style of your beloved backyard in a very affordable way.

Well, just pick the best bar design that you really love and start decorating your very own backyard now!

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