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Wooden Hot Tub: 10+ Stunning Ideas Using Natural Materials

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Wooden Hot Tub

Nowadays, you can find tons of hot tub designs and shapes that are made of various materials. Of course, each material will determine the look of the tub differently. For people who love a modern-looking hot tub, you can use the one that can be easily found on the market. Meanwhile, for those who like to get a natural finish with natural material, a wooden hot tub is a great choice you will never regret.

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Below we’ve compiled some wooden hot tub ideas that you can use as an ultimate reference!

Best Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden Hot Tub: Minimalist Wooden Tub

Wooden Hot Tub 1

A simple hot tub made of cedar wood becomes the centerpiece that will attract attention. The simple hot tub that is completed with steps blends well with the outdoor atmosphere.

Wooden Hot Tub: Relaxing Earthy Oasis

Wooden Hot Tub 2

Another simple wooden hot tub is built with a deck to complete the look. The wood that is used in this idea brings brightness and natural ambiance which matches the surroundings around it.

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Wooden Hot Tub: Captivating Wooden Tub

Using wood as the main material to make a hot tub is a great option for you who want to get an earthy look. The wooden horizontal fence and wooden steps create a great look that beautifies your backyard.

Wooden Hot Tub: Breezy Outdoor Hot Tub

An outdoor hot tub can be a great point to attract the attention of your family members and coming guests. It’s also a good way to enjoy the scenery while enjoying the hydrotherapy effect.

Wooden Hot Tub: Stunning Hot Tub

Wooden Hot Tub 5

Again, we have another wooden hot tub on a paver and brick patio as the base to keep the tub stable. To provide a cozier spot while soaking your body, you might want to add a built-in minibar table on the side.

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Wooden Hot Tub: Unique Rustic Setting

For people who love extra privacy, an enclosed or indoor hot tub is a perfect choice. To enhance and add decorations, put some functional items like plantations and wooden towel racks.

Wooden Hot Tub: Scandinavian-Vibe Hot Tub

While dark or redwood looks elegant and bold, oak or other bright wood can make the hot tub area looks more relaxing and gives a Scandinavian vibe.

Wooden Hot Tub: Cozy Round Tub

Wooden Hot Tub 8

Here we have another round hot tub made of natural wood that matches the deck. The deck itself is functional because it has some space left to place decor items or other stuff.

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Wooden Hot Tub: Calming and Elegant

An elegant hot tub that looks so lovely with the wood-fired function becomes the attention-grabber. The use of natural wood also helps to enhance elegance even more.

Wooden Hot Tub: Jaw-Dropping Backyard Look

A breathtaking look from this backyard becomes an attention-grabber for everyone in this area. A perfect layout and setting from the wooden hot tub, rocks, and fire pit complete each other and make an elegant finish.

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Wooden hot tubs are definitely a hot tub style that you have to consider!

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