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Apartment Living Room Ideas: 10+ Simple Ideas to Steal Now

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Apartment Living Room Ideas

As a place to gather around with family members and friends, a living room has to be as comfortable as possible. However, the problem will sometimes arise when you live in a small apartment which means that you have to be creative to make your small living room feels cozy for everyone. On the other hand, a small living room can be a good thing because you don’t have to buy too much furniture and be able to make every decor item outstanding.

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We have compiled our best pick of apartment living room ideas down below just for you!

Best Apartment Living Room Ideas

Apartment Living Room: Minimalist Living Room

Apartment Living Room Ideas 1

A very simple L-shaped grey sofa becomes the focal point of the room along with other small decorations and lighting fixtures. Of course, feel free to use any color that you like, and no need for all-white.

Apartment Living Room: Warm Earthy Decor

Apartment Living Room Ideas 2

For those who love warm earthy tones, this image really worth trying because the combination of a striped rug, simple sofa, and gallery wall become the centerpiece that’s so eye-catching.

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Apartment Living Room: Eye-Catching Pop Color

Well, an all-white concept may not for everyone because some people may think that it’s boring. The simplest way to make it looks more decorative is by adding a colorful rug between the neutral furniture.

Apartment Living Room: Playful and Colorful

A very cozy spot that will make everyone feel comfortable and homey by its simple layout. The spot looks more decorative with some colorful wall art and patterns from the cushions.

Apartment Living Room: Lovely Boho Nuance

Apartment Living Room Ideas 5

Those who love the colorful Bohemian concept, use this one as a reference. Of course, you don’t have to use the whole color pallet and only pick your favorites color and its other shades.

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Apartment Living Room: Elegant Brown Shade

Not all brown shades are dark because you can still choose the lighter one to make an elegant living room. To give a brighter accent, use a white sofa, rug, and a glass table so it looks less bold.

Apartment Living Room: Bright Vintage Retro

Using colorful color schemes to create a vintage retro ambiance might be a great way to make your living room becomes more fun and blinding.

Apartment Living Room: Comfortable Sitting Corner

Apartment Living Room Ideas 8

Placing a simple sofa in the corner of the room can be a good way to save more space. You will just have to add some decorative items to make it looks more attractive and inviting.

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Apartment Living Room: Striking Grey Schemes

If you use dark wood for the floor and want to add another shade that is not too bright, light grey is a good choice. To brighten up the spot, install a standing lamp in the corner and some wall art.

Apartment Living Room: Stunning Decorative Wall

Making a gallery wall is a great way to add a striking statement to your small area. A grey sofa, a washed rug, and some pop colors look somehow stunning and captivating.

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Choose your favorite idea to redecorate your current living room!

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