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Backyard Deck Ideas: 20+ Beautifully Cozy Designs for a Small Home

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Building a deck in your backyard is a very good way to turn it into cozy outdoor living space. As you may have known, a deck is simply an area with the wood base which is decorated by some pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories. You can make it as an addition to your exterior area to become an entertaining spot for all the family members, friends, and guests. It provides you a spot where you can do various kinds of outdoor activities.

These backyard deck ideas are so worth to become your reference when you are about to add some fun outdoor space around your beloved house.

Best Backyard Deck Ideas

Backyard Deck Ideas: Elegant Minimalist Design

Backyard Deck Ideas: Elegant Minimalist Design

The deck of this idea is designed in an L-shaped style to fit the layout of the house. Some wood chairs in natural finish decorate the main area of deck which matches gorgeously with the deck. Moreover, a lattice screen also completes the decor to provide much better privacy as an addition to the fence.

Backyard Deck Ideas: Cozy Earthy Design

Backyard Deck Ideas: Cozy Earthy Design

Thought this backyard is quite small, it’s decorated with a patio and deck at the same time. The deck becomes the main area which is built bigger than the patio with the gravel base. The black metal dining set is the main sitting area which is placed on the deck. Those greeneries which decorate the area add more aesthetical appeal and freshen the atmosphere around.

Backyard Deck Ideas: Simple Chic Design

This one is a very small deck which is so easy to create with its simple design. An Adirondack chair and lounger in the purple finish give a very attractive touch and a fun sitting spot at once. For sure, it’s a very effortless and affordable way to improve your backyard.

Backyard Deck Ideas: Simple Attractive Design

A rectangular deck becomes the centerpiece of this backyard which is enough to be the joyful area here. The 3-piece conversation set, geometric monochrome rug, lanterns, and some plantations decorate the deck in a very attractive way. A huge tree which is planted in the center of the deck shades the area which even makes it look and feel more inviting.

Backyard Deck Ideas: Creative Fun Design

Backyard Deck Ideas 5

This deck comes with a swing sofa which becomes a fun sitting spot. It’s mounted to the pergola which beautifully covers the deck. The pergola is also made of wood with the galvanized steel sheet canopy that you create by yourself. It’s definitely an inspiring deck to make your backyard look stunning and feel so captivating.

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Find more ideas that we have selected just for you below!



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Just pick the best one now!

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