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Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas: 20+ Simple Designs for Minimalist Home

rectangular swimming pool feature

Having a swimming pool is absolutely a dream of every homeowner. It will provide a very entertaining feature that you can enjoy all of the time. No wonder that swimming pool always becomes the most favorite water feature since you can use it for exercise, recreation, or simply relaxation. Those benefits will not only please you, but all the family members, friends, and coming guests as well.

Of course, the swimming pool in a rectangular design is always everyone’s favorite since it’s much easier and simpler to make. It also fits the home with a minimalist decorating style which becomes so popular these days.

Check out these admirable rectangular swimming pool ideas below that you will totally inspire you!

Best Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

The construction of this swimming pool is covered with tiles in a natural stone finish which flows beautifully with the deck and rocky accent wall. Some greeneries also decorate the area which gives a more natural aesthetic touch and freshens the atmosphere around.

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Simple Small Design

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Simple Small Design

A small rectangular pool completes the feature of this backyard with deck and grass base. It’s enough to become a fun entertaining feature around the area. Then, a vertical garden enhances the attractiveness of the overall look of this pool area.

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Sleek Stylish Design

This backyard with grass base looks and feels more inviting with a rectangular swimming pool as its main focal point. The natural concrete finish of the pool’s construction makes it flow beautifully with the natural surrounding of the yard yet looks strikingly attractive.

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Modern Minimalist Design

A small rectangular pool is installed on this small patio which looks simply elegant. It’s surrounded by the frameless glass fence which doesn’t only secure the are but also gives a more decorative touch. Moreover, some greeneries and trees also beautify the area in a very natural way.

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Modern Decor

Rectangular Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Modern Decor

This one is a patio with natural concrete flooring which has a long rectangular swimming pool. It instantly provides an exhilarating water feature that everyone can surely enjoy. The design of the pool is so simple which is so perfect for your minimalist home.

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Looking for more inspiration to complete your home improvement plan? Well, let’s just keep scrolling to find the rest of the rectangular swimming pool ideas that we have selected just for you!



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Well, now you just need to pick the best rectangular swimming pool that you really love and start building your dream swimming pool right away!

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