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Backyard Decor Ideas: 21+ Simple DIY Designs on a Budget

Backyard Decor Ideas feature

When you have a plan to give some improvements to your house, the backyard is one of its parts that you can’t just miss. It’s an exterior area which should be decorated as admirable as possible, so you can have an outdoor living space which looks and feels so inviting.

There are some considerations that you can keep in mind when it comes to the backyard decoration like planting some greeneries and flowers, installing water features, building a patio, adding lighting fixtures, and so on. You can either choose one of them or bring all of those elements to the decor of your backyard as you wish.

However, decorating your backyard can be quite challenging when you have a limited budget. You have to be able to make your backyard look adorable and feel comfortable without spending a lot.

But don’t worry, there are some creative homeowners who have successfully created a beautiful backyard in a very simple and affordable way. They use some cheap materials to create some decor items to style up their backyard. If you are a handy DIYer, you can make some catchy stuff all by yourself at home. The decor looks creatively attractive which will make everyone love to enjoy it.

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Here, we share tons of mesmerizing backyard decor inspirations on a budget that will totally inspire you!

 Best Backyard Decor Ideas

Backyard Decor Ideas: Chic Vintage Style

Backyard Decor Ideas: Chic Vintage Style

Some vintage decor items even in distressed finish decorate the corner of this backyard which become the main attention grabber around. It complements the wood fence in the rustic finish which makes it fit for you who love farmhouse decorating style. Moreover, some colorful flowers also complete the decor which gives a more decorative touch and fresher atmosphere around the yard. You can use some old stuff that you have to create this kind of decor item.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Rustic Vertical Garden

Backyard Decor Ideas: Rustic Vertical Garden

The vertical garden can be a good alternative for you who have a backyard with limited space. Here, wood is the main material that works to build the construction of the vertical garden. Various kinds of greeneries on the black planters decorate the wood shelf which makes it look so attractive. If you are willing enough, you can create this kind of vertical garden all by yourself which, of course, will not cost you a lot.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Elegant Earthy Planter

This one is a gorgeous planter with a sleek and clean-lined design that is made of wood. The planter is decorated by various kinds os succulents with colorful decorative rocks which makes it enough to enhance the beauty of your backyard. It’s definitely an easy idea to style up your backyard that you can try to copy right away.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Stylish Modern Planter

Cinder blocks in white and grey are the main material that builds up the corner planter of this backyard. The blocks are simply stacked in particular formation which looks so catchy. It gives a very stylish decorative touch with various kinds of greeneries decorate it. The neutral finish of the planter makes it fir to decorate a backyard with a minimalist decorating style.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

Backyard Decor Ideas: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

White gravels and bricks work as the material for the base of this backyard’s focal point which looks striking among its grass base. The concrete blocks then become the huge planter in slide-sloppy design which is enough to become the main attention-grabber of the backyard’s decor. Moreover, a small fountain also adds a more aesthetic appeal to this decor item in a very admirable way.

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Backyard Decor Ideas: Simple Cozy Bench

Some benches decorate this modern backyard which provides the cozy sitting area. The main materials which build the bench are wood and metal, it means that you can create this kind of bench all by your self affordably. The design of the bench looks so elegant with the minimalist style which also gives a decorative touch to the overall look of the backyard.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Chic Small Patio

The base of this patio is made of brick an concrete blocks which is enough to add fun outdoor living space to this backyard. A sofa, round coffee table, a rug, and some decor items decorate the patio which doesn’t only make it feel more inviting to enjoy and look more attractive as well. It’s a simple patio which is so inspiring to copy to turn your backyard into an entertaining outdoor living space.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Cozy Cheap Patio

Backyard Decor Ideas: Cozy Cheap Patio

Another alternative material that you can keep in mind to build a patio affordably is gravel just like this idea shows. A section with the gravel base completes the feature of this backyard which becomes an entertaining sitting area for everyone. The pieces of furniture in modern and earthy design style up the area which makes it look and feel so inviting.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Unique Log Dining

A log-style dining set is the main focal point of this backyard which becomes the joyful dining area around. The design gives a rustic touch to the overall look of the backyard in a very beautiful way. Moreover, the string light which is installed on two small trunks give a more decorative touch which also works as the additional lighting source.

Backyard Decor Ideas: Cozy Pallet Sofa

Wood shipping pallets have been known as the friendly materials that you can use for various DIY projects. In this idea, the pallets become the main material to create a sectional with white cushions and catchy throw pillows decorate it. the sectional is the main focal point of this gravel patio which looks so catchy. It’s definitely a very good idea to provide the cozy sitting area in your backyard that you can try.

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If you still haven’t found the best backyard decor which is right for you, you just need to keep scrolling to find the rest ideas that you will totally adore!





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Pick one!

Well, those are the best backyard decors that you can use as the main reference when you have a plan to improve your house. They show you the easy and affordable ways to decorate your backyard which are so tempting to try.

Whether you just want to give some beautiful landscaping or build a patio, decorating a backyard is always a must-do step that you have to include in your home improvement plan. You can’t let your backyard looks so boring without any decors that style it up.

Even when you have such a very limited budget, you can make your backyard look more attractive and feel more entertaining. Choosing natural elements, using old stuff, purchasing cheap materials are some tricks that you can consider to beautify your beloved backyard. Hopefully, the list of backyard decor above can help you to find the one which really suits your needs, taste, and available budget.

So, you just have to pick the best backyard that you really love and start decorating your very own outdoor living space right away!

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