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Pallet Fence Ideas: 21+ Easy and Cheap DIY Projects to Try

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When it comes to the decor of your exterior area, a fence is a feature that you can’t be missed. It’s part of your home decor which works both to secure and beautify the overall look of your outdoor space. There are some common materials which are used to build a fence like wood, concrete, vinyl, iron, and so on. However, sometimes the price of those materials can be so pricey especially for you who have a very tight budget.

As an alternative, some homeowners use wood shipping pallets as the main materials to create a fence which is surprisingly so inspiring to copy. Below we share you some ideas which show you how to build a fence by only using some wood pallets.

Best Pallet Fence Ideas

Pallet Fence Ideas: Chic Natural Design

Pallet Fence Ideas: Chic Natural Design

The panels of this fence are made of pallets in natural finish which gives a beautiful rustic touch. Each panel is separated by wood posts in green which enhance its attractiveness and secure the construction. Moreover, the top of the fence is used as the bed with some succulents decorate it in a very admirable way.

Pallet Fence Ideas: Catchy Decorative Design

Pallet Fence Ideas: Catchy Decorative Design

The pallets of the fence are finished is black which makes it look so catchy in a more distinctive way. Those colorful hanging planters decorate the fence which gives a more decorative touch very well. For sure, it’s a very easy design that you can create right away.

Pallet Fence Ideas: Simple Easy Design

The design of this pallet fence is so simple which makes it so worth to try. You just need some wood shipping pallets in medium sizes as the main materials. The raw finish of the fence flows beautifully with the natural surrounding of the backyard.

Pallet Fence Ideas: Vertical Garden Design

This fence looks uniquely beautiful with various kinds of greeneries which decorate it. It’s a creative vertical garden that you can create by using some wood shipping pallets and work quite well as the decorative fence of your backyard. It’s definitely will become the main focal point around your exterior area which grabs lots of attention.

Pallet Fence Ideas: Fence and Gate Design

Pallet Fence Ideas: Fence and Gate Design

Here, the pallets become the main material to create a fence with its gate. The design is very simple which will not cost you a lot as well.

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If you still haven’t found the best idea which really suits your needs and taste, don’t worry, we still have plenty of inspirations below. So, let’s just keep scrolling then!



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Well, now you just need to pick the best design that you really love!

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