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Backyard Pergola Ideas: 20+ Beautiful DIY Designs to Try Now

Backyard Pergola Ideas feature

There are so many additions that you can keep in mind when you have a plan to decorate your backyard. Some homeowners choose to add a patio, deck, pergola, swimming pool, pond, and some other stuff. Each of the options has its own function which will enhance the attractiveness and comfort of your outdoor living space.

The pergola is a considerable feature that you can add to your backyard. It has both functional and decorative purposes which will never fail to make your backyard look and feel way more inviting. Today, you can easily find tons of pergolas in various designs that are so tempting to have.

Below, we have some amazing pergola inspirations that you will totally admire!

Best Backyard Pergola Ideas

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Elegant Modern Design

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Elegant Modern Design

The stylish pergola with the sleek design in a black finish which fits for you who have a home with a minimalist decorating style. It’s installed on the base in rustic design which looks so gorgeous. The size of the pergola is quite big which is enough to cover a patio properly.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Beautiful Rustic Design

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Beautiful Rustic Design

This one is a gorgeous pergola in raw natural wood finish which is perfect for you who love the rustic decor. It matches very well with an exposed brick wall of the home. Some string lights decorate the pergola which works as the additional lighting source to brighten up the patio.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Elegant Stylish Design

A simple pergola in white finish covers the deck of this backyard which looks so admirable. The string lights, chandelier, and hanging planter decorate the pergola which adds a more decorative touch to the overall look of the area.

Backyard Pergolas Idea: Creative DIY Design

The construction of this pergola is made of wood in the raw finish with the corrugated steel sheet works as the canopy. It perfectly shades the deck which allows you to enjoy it even under the sunlight. Of course, it’s a very inspiring pergola that you can create easily and cheaply.

Backyard Pergolas Idea: Gorgeous Natural Design

Backyard Pergolas Idea: Gorgeous Natural Design

A small pergola gives a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the overall look of this backyard. The vines decorate it which doesn’t only make it look more attractive but also becomes its canopy. You can use this kind of pergola as the main focal point of the decor of your backyard

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If you are still looking for more pergola designs, below we have other inspirations that you can use as the reference! Well, let’s just keep scrolling then!



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So, now you just need to find the best idea that you really love!

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