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Bohemian Living Room Ideas: 22+ Unique Decors You’ll Admire

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What comes to your mind when you hear about Bohemian decorating style? You must picture a house with festive decor which is filled with various kinds of elements which look so stunning and feel so captivating. That is why this particular decorating style always becomes everyone’s favorite due to its unique character which allows you to use your imagination. Earthy materials, catchy patterns, and gorgeous textures are some essential elements that you can use to decorate a room with Bohemian style.

Therefore, applying the Bohemian decorating style to your living room is surely a good idea that you can consider. For that, we share some amazing ideas that will totally amaze you!

Best Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Bohemian Living Room: Warm Neutral Decor

Bohemian Living Room: Warm Neutral Decor

The textured wallpaper with an exposed brick pattern in off-white and greyish wood flooring create a gorgeous neutral overall look with a rustic vibe. Those vintage drawer and coffee table in natural wood finish warms up the nuance of the room beautifully. Then, an ethnic rug as the centerpiece of the room gives a catchy pattern around.

Bohemian Living Room: Enchanting Earthy Decor

Bohemian Living Room: Enchanting Earthy Decor

Tons of indoor plants decorate this living room which doesn’t only beautify it but also freshens the atmosphere inside. The wood flooring and pieces of furniture in the natural finish add a more earthy touch in a very admirable way. Thanks to its white background color which neutralizes the nuance of the room.

Bohemian Living Room: Catchy Colorful Decor

The colorful rug and throw pillows with ethnic pattern dominate the decor of this living room which creates a very attractive overall look. A sofa in green as the main sitting area adds more color to the decor of the room. Then, a corner full of indoor plants complete the decor uniquely.

Bohemian Living Rooms: Gorgeous White Decor

For you who want to have a Boho living room with a much simpler nuance, this idea is a good inspiration to copy. White colorizes the walls and ceiling with some focal points of the room come in a neutral look, creating a simple overall look. To warm up the decor, wood flooring and cabinet in deep natural finish decorate the room.

Bohemian Living Rooms: Elegant Earthy Decor

Bohemian Living Rooms: Elegant Earthy Deco

This living room looks so beautiful with the earthy, ethnic, and contemporary elements in one decor. The wood flooring and some indoor plants dominate the room, the ottoman and rug with ethnic patterns give a tribal vibe around, and the contemporary sofa and coffee table add another style around.

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Find more ideas below that you can use to complete your ultimate inspiration list!



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So, you just need to pick the best living room decor that you really love now!

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