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Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: 10+ Best Ideas to Get Extra Relaxation

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Bathroom Bathtub Ideas

For some homeowners, having a bathtub is a must because it helps them to enjoy their bathtime more. Having a bathtub to soak their bodies is one of the best ways to relieve their stress and stiff body. A bathtub has various styles and sizes that you can choose based on your bathroom’s size, preference, budget, and needs. Some popular bathtub styles are freestanding, clawfoot, soaking, built-in, corner, and an alcove.

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We’ve compiled tons of bathroom bathtub ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference!

Best Bathroom Bathtub Ideas

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Elegant Built-In Tub

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Elegant Built-In Tub

This simple and small tub with a built-in style looks lovely and elegant. Just like its name, a built-in style is usually a tub that is built on an elevated deck or the one that has its own surface to support the whole weight.

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Modern Soaking Tub

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Modern Soaking Tub

For people who really love soaking their bodies, choosing a soaking tub is the best choice. This black soaking tub with its own deck area becomes the focal point that looks attractive which is also called a built-in or drop-in style.

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Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Classic Alcove Tub

An alcove tub is probably the most common style that we can find in many houses and the most affordable one. This style suits best for people who have a small bathroom since it’s built-in between a three-wall layout.

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Small Standard Tub

Even when you have a small bathroom, you can still install a smaller size like this freestanding alcove tub. A unique design that this bathroom has gives a classic retro vintage vibe that makes it looks more captivating.

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Chic Clawfoot Tub

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Chic Clawfoot Tub

While other bathtubs look modern with its sleek feature, a clawfoot tub gives a vintage vibe that suits people who love the elegance of a vintage concept. To give a modern touch, a contemporary lighting fixture might also help.

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Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Angled Fiberglass Tub

One of the tub styles with good durability is a fiberglass tub. This angled freestanding tub blends well with the bathroom in a farmhouse concept.

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Standard Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub goes well with any decor style so if you’re not sure what tub style you can install in your bathroom, choosing a standard freestanding one works just fine.

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Stunning Modern Tub

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Stunning Modern Tub

Another small freestanding alcove tub that will beautify your minimalist bathroom and makes it looks more attractive. You would just need an eye-catching simple chandelier.

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Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Simple Small Tub

Another freestanding tub that completes the elegant atmosphere from this bathroom. Moreover, a spot where it places enhances its elegance more.

Bathroom Bathtub Ideas: Striking Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub is indeed captivating but if you’re planning to choose this style, you would have to make sure that you have a quite big and spacious bathroom. To give a more elegant look, install a simple lighting fixture on top of it.

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If you’re planning to add a bathtub to your dream bathroom, we hope that these ideas can help you!

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