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Bathroom Shelf Ideas: 10+ Functional Features to Declutter Your Bathroom

Bathroom Shelf Ideas

As one of the rooms with a high-traffic flow, a bathroom has to be comfortable to use. Therefore, you want to keep it neatly arranged and organized. There are various storage styles that you can use such as shelves, vanities, drawers, cabinets, and other options. Vanities or cabinets can be very helpful because they can store more stuff but it will be tricky if you have narrow space. Therefore, a shelf can be a great choice to use because you can put it in every empty space.

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To inspire you, we’ve compiled ten inspiring shelf ideas that you can copy immediately!

Best Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Minimalist Ladder Shelf

Bathroom Shelf Ideas 1

A standing shelf or ladder is one of the shelf designs that can be used above the toilet. In this idea, the ladder shelf is placed behind the toilet to put stuff that is used often like toilet paper.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Creative Corner Shelves

Bathroom Shelf Ideas 2

Another way to install floating shelves is on the corner of the shower area. Simple floating shelves can be used to put shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and other toiletries you use often.

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Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Stunning Wood Plank

In the corner, you can create something like this while above the sink, you can just install a wood plank with additional recessed lighting fixtures.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Simple Standing Shelves

If you feel floating shelves are not enough to organize your stuff, use a standing shelf and put it in the corner of a dry area to prevent any splashes.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Eye-Catching Vintage Look

Bathroom Shelf Ideas 5

Installing floating shelves above the toilet is the most common way to save more space in a narrow bathroom. To give more protection from falling, use woven baskets to put stuff inside.

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Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Simple Floating Shelf

Putting floating shelves above the tub can be very helpful to put stuff like bath bombs, body wash, and others so it’s easier for you to reach.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Minimalist Shelves

Another common way to install a shelf is by having a separate or dedicated spot for it. Letting the spot open can help you to reach and clean it easily.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Lovely Modern Rustic

Bathroom Shelf Ideas 8

Instead of using a ladder shelf, you might want to use a standard ladder and use some hooks to hang storage baskets so it looks more unique.

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Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Unique Hanging Shelves

A unique shelf arrangement that you can use as an option to use fewer nails. However, it definitely needs strong nails to support multiple-tiered shelves made of wood planks.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas: Simple Additional Shelf

Instead of putting the shelf on top of a tub or toilet, you can put it around the vanity sink area under the mirror. You can use this space to put indoor potted plants, room freshener products, and other items.

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Just pick the best bathroom shelf idea that suits your needs, budget, and size of your bathroom to start decorating it!

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