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Bathroom Decor Ideas: 21+ Simple Designs On a Budget

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The bathroom is an essential part of your house that you can’t just miss when you have a plan to give some improvements around. It’s such an important thing to decorate the bathroom so you can do your daily needs as comfortable as possible.

Today, the minimalist decorating style is like the most popular option when it comes to home decor. As you may have known, simplicity is the main character of the style which is represented to the choice of colors, pieces of furniture, fixtures decor items, accessories, and other elements of the room.

The minimalist decorating style can make a room look so beautiful although with its simple character. It also creates a very comforting atmosphere that will make you love to stay inside the room for hours and hours. In other words, the minimalist style works really well to make your bathroom look and feel so inviting at the same time.

Moreover, due to its simple character, you won’t find it really hard to decorate a room with minimalist style. You don’t need to add lots of decor elements to create a simple overall look and nuance. Therefore, you can do it all by yourself without any helps from a pro.

Below, we have some inspiring bathroom ideas with simple decoration that you can use as the ultimate reference.

Best Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Chic Neutral Decor

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Chic Neutral Decor

Grey colorizes the walls of this bathroom while white handles the ceiling, creating a simple neutral overall look and relaxing atmosphere. The cabinet in the greyish finish with wood texture and white marble countertop works as the focal point which harmonizes the nuance of the room. Then, the grey subway tiles which cover the accent wall and whitewashed wood flooring give a more decorative touch.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Simple Bright Decor

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Simple Bright Decor

White takes over this bathroom which makes it look so brightly beautiful. The white subway tiles give a more attractive touch while still keeping the all-white nuance of the room. For the flooring, the rectangular tiles in grey are chosen which add more neutral touch around. There is no additional color here, but only those earthy elements that enhance the beauty of the decor.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Elegant Stylish Decor

A gorgeous all-white bathroom which looks so elegant with the neutral monochromatic nuance. The floating vanity in black with a solid white countertop fits really well with the minimalist style of the decor as the main focal point of the room. The flooring with a natural concrete finish brings the rustic vibe with a more modern twist around. Then, some towels with a geometric pattern in a neutral color make the room look much catchier in a very simple way.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Chic Farmhouse Decor

Choosing farmhouse decor is always a good consideration to make your bathroom has a more particular character just like this idea shows. White works as the main color of the room which is applied to the walls, ceiling, and fixtures inside. The floating shelves in a wood finish which displays some bathroom stuff and decor items are the main elements that give the farmhouse vibe around.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Stylish Modern Decor

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Stylish Modern Decor

The white subway tile in the Herringbone pattern covers the entire walls of this bathroom which creates an attractive overall look with a simple nuance. Then, the hexagon tiles in black decorate the flooring complement it in a more distinctive way. For sure, it’s a very mesmerizing monochrome bathroom decor which is so tempting to have.

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Bathroom Decor Ideas: Stunning All-White Decor

For you who want to have a bathroom with real al-white nuance, this idea is a perfect inspiration that you can’t miss. The entire room and all the main focal points are colorized in white which makes the room look stunningly harmonious. The hardware in black then gives an elegant bold touch to make the room look more attractive.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Elegant Rustic Decor

The sleek floating wood vanity in natural finish and wood flooring instantly gives a gorgeous rustic touch to this bathroom white background color. The modern fixtures and accessories then beautify the room in a very stylish way. It’s surely a gorgeous minimalist bathroom that everyone will surely love.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Decor

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Decor

Here, the tiles with a natural concrete finish and texture cover the flooring and accent wall which creates a modern rustic overall look. The white background color of the room perfectly lets the rusticness of the decor pop up around.

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Haven’t you found your favorite bathroom decor yet? Don’t worry we still have plenty of inspiration below, so just keep scrolling!


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Decorating your bathroom with a simple character is always a good idea since minimalist decorating style is the most popular option recently. You can have an admirable and comfortable bathroom that you can create easily even all by yourself, and those ideas are so worth to be your ultimate inspirations.

To create a bathroom with simple decor, you can start by using basic neutral shades like grey and white as the background color. Then, the patterns, textures, and earthy elements are the good options to make it look more attractive. For the fixtures and furniture, you can choose the ones with sleek clean-lined design.

Well, now let’s pick the best bathroom decor that you really adore and start decorating your very own bathroom right away!

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