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DIY Bathroom Organizations: 22+ Easy & Cheap Ideas for Small Rooms

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As the room where you use for your needs daily, a bathroom is an essential part of your house which should offer great comfort for you. Therefore, you have to decorate it as proper as possible so you will love to do anything inside the room every single day.

Of course, providing ample storage is one of the initial thoughts that you have o keep in mind. It’s so important to make sure that all of your bathroom stuff are neatly arranged instead of scattered around the room. You will definitely end up having a bathroom that looks and feels so uninviting without proper storage inside.

Moreover, the storage that you provide should be convenient to use. It means that the shelves, drawers, or cabinets should be easy to access so you can use it comfortably. Then, you also have to provide the storage as effective and as efficient as possible, especially when you have a bathroom with narrow dimensions.

Yes, there are various kinds of storage products for bathroom available in the market but they may not reall suit your budget or the layout of your bathroom. As an alternative, you can try to create your own bathroom storage at your home all by yourself by using cheap materials.

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Well, these DIY bathroom organizations below will show you how to provide proper storage easily and affordably!

Best DIY Bathroom Organizations

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Floating Earthy Shelves

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Floating Earthy Shelves

Benefiting the wall section above the toilet can be a good way to provide without taking a lot of space. Here, some floating wood shelves in the natural finish are installed which are enough to handle some rattan baskets so you can store your stuff conveniently. The shelves also work as the station to display some decor items beautifully. The design of the shelves gives such a chic earthy touch to the overall look of the room as well.

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Stylish Floating Baskets

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Stylish Floating Baskets

Quite similar to the previous bathroom organization design, this idea also uses the space above the toilet to install additional storage. You just simply need a set of rattan baskets and mount them on the walls. You can use them to arrange some towels in various sizes which are so easy and cheap to create all by yourself.

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Chic Pallet Shelves

A very inspiring bathroom organization which simply made of stacked wood shipping pallets that you have to add to your DIY projects plan. The pallets are finished in white and stack them in particular formation as you wish. It will become a stand-alone shelf that you can use to store various kinds of bathroom stuff and decor items. For sure, it’s a very simple and cheap DIY bathroom organization which is so worth to copy.

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Elegant Ladder Shelf

The ladder design of this storage allows you to neatly arrange tons of stuff conveniently. You can have ample storage which doesn’t take a lot of space inside your tiny bathroom. Moreover, the design of the shelf looks attractiveness enough to add a more aesthetic appeal to the decor of the room.

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Floating Pallet Shelf

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Floating Pallet Shelf

Another DIY bathroom organization with wood shipping pallets as its main materials and it’s designed in a floating shelf style. The space of the shelf is enough to handle some stocked tissues, towels, body cares, and decor items. The natural finish of the shelf gives a gorgeous rustic touch to enhance the beauty of your bathroom decor.

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DIY Bathroom Organizations: Simple Vanity Storage

This idea shows you to add simple storage to the area around your bathroom vanity. The main materials are wood plank, some mason, and mounter metal rings. You just need to attach the jars to the wood by using the rings which sound so easy to copy. It’s enough to become the convenient shelf to store your toothbrush, paste, cotton, and some small stuff.

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Gorgeous Vanity Tray

If you have a bathroom vanity with a large countertop, adding a tray can be a good idea to add more storage to the room. This one is a tiered vanity tray which is made of wood that you can try to create all by yourself. The design of the tray looks so lovely which gives a more decorative touch to the overall look of the room in a very admirable way.

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Floating Industrial Shelf

DIY Bathroom Organizations: Floating Industrial Shelf

An elegant bathroom organization which is made of wood and steel that you can use to store some towels. The design of the shelf fits for you who love industrial decorating style with its rustic style. You can create this floating shelf easily and affordably at your home.

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Are you still looking for more ideas? Well, we still have more DIY bathroom organizations to complete your inspiration list! Just keep scrolling to check them out!


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So those are the Best DIY bathroom organizations that are so inspiring to try. They show you the way to use easily-available and affordable materials to provide ample storage inside your bathroom. They also fit very well for you who have a bathroom with limited space due to their effective and efficient design. Of course, you can use them as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to add more storage inside your bathroom in a more creative way.

Now, you just need to pick the best DIY bathroom storage that really suits your needs and taste then start decorating your very own bathroom!

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