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Gray Bathroom Ideas: 23+ Simply Stylish Designs for Minimalist Homes

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Including gray to the color scheme of a home is such a popular option since the minimalist decorating style takes over the trend these days. The ability of gray to make the overall look of your home look simply elegant has attracted many homeowners. Moreover, it also works really well to create a relaxing atmosphere around the room so everyone will love to stay for hours and hours.

The neutral characteristic of gray can colorize the room beautifully in a very simple way, especially when you use it as its background color. It’s so safe to apply the color to the all sides of the walls, ceiling, and even flooring. Then, you can add more pop-up colors, patterns, and texture to the decor of the room to enhance the its attractiveness.

Since grey is quite friendly to combine with other elements, you can decorate a room with the color all by yourself without any helps from a pro. The neutral overall look of a room with gray background color lets you to bring any additional shades, patterns and textures as you wish. However, you have to make sure that you provide ample lighting so the room won’t end up look and feel uninviting.

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Here, we share some inspiring grey bathrooms which are so worth be the reference for you who love minimalist decorating style.

Best Gray Bathroom Ideas

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Simply Chic Decor

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Simply Chic Decor

Grey takes over the half part of the walls of this bathroom with a vanity in deeper gray finish as the main focal point complements it beautifully. The white subway tiles handle the rest of the walls which give more pattern to the overall look of the room while still keeping the neural nuance of the room. Moreover, the tiles with woven pattern in white and gray countertop add more texture around. There is no additional color here, but it’s looks and feels so inviting.

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Elegant Decor

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Elegant Decor

The rectangular tiles in grey with concrete texture cover the flooring and shower of this bathroom with white background color, creating an elegant neutral overall look. The pieces of furniture and fixture come in white which decorate the room harmoniously. Then, a small rustic wood stool and indoor plant give more earthy tones. For sure, it’s a very simple bathroom decor which is so easy to copy.

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Catchy Farmhouse Decor

Gray subway tiles become the second element which decorate this bathroom, adding the catchy neutral touch to its overall look. The wood flooring in deep natural finish warms up the nuance of the room in a very admirable way. The vintage bathroom fixtures, pieces of furniture, and decor items that fill the room makes it fit for you who love farmhouse decorating style.

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Stunning Transitional Decor

The classic vanity, bathtub, and mirror bring the beauty of old time to the nuance of the room gorgeously. The combination of white and grey give a more modern twist which then creates a more transitional overall look. Moreover, the tiles with Moroccan pattern and monochrome finish adds another style to the decor of the room which matches really well with the color scheme of the room. It’s a very catchy bathroom with neutral color scheme which is so tempting to have.

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor

Basically, this bathroom is colorized by white and grey which creates an elegant neutral overall look. The accent wall which is covered by wood planks in natural finish and rustic mirror give a warmer earthy tone which makes the room look and feel much warmer. The wood flooring with chevron pattern in greyish finish enhances the attractiveness of the decor which complements the nuance of the room as well.

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Gray Bathroom Ideas: Modern Rustic Decor

The concrete tiles which decorate all sides of the wall and flooring give a rustic touch to this bathroom. The sleek floating vanity, contemporary fixtures, frameless glass door, and chic decor items add a more modern twist stylishly. Thanks to its white ceiling with textured accent which brightens up the room in a very beautiful way.

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Beautiful Soft Decor

This one is a bathroom with gray background color which looks simply beautiful. The soft blue vanity gives a more pop-up color without making the room feel overwhelming. Then, the shower curtain with catchy vintage pattern complements the color of the vanity which enhance the beauty of the room in a very adorable way.

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Simply Attractive Decor

Gray Bathroom Ideas: Simply Attractive Decor

Pewter blue colorizes the walls of the room with the grey vanity works as the main focal point. The vanity is the key which gives a neutral touch to the decor of the room, balancing the nuance inside stylishly. The brown tiles of the flooring warm up the overall look of the room which even makes it look much catchier.

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Still haven’t found the right bathroom that really suits your needs and taste? Well, we still have the rest of the ideas to complete your ultimate inspiration list!



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So those are the most inspiring gray bathrooms that we have picked just for you. You can use them as the ultimate reference when you area about to update the decor of your beloved bathroom.

Choosing grey as the main shade of the color scheme of your bathroom is never a bad idea. You will have a bathroom which looks admirable and feels comfortable at the same time.

Just pick the best one now!

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