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Backyard Fence Ideas: 25+ Inspiring Designs to Beautify & Secure Your Home

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When it comes to the decor of your outdoor space, you always have to include the fence as one of its essential elements. As you may have known, the fence works really well to beautify and secure your home at the same time which makes it become a very important part that every homeowner should always keep in mind.

There are some popular materials which are used to build the fence like concrete, wood, iron, and vinyl. Each one of the material has plus and minus points which determine the beauty, durability, and reliability of the fence itself. Therefore, its’s such an important step to do some research before choosing a particular material to build your fence.

For the design, today you can easily find tons of fences in various styles which always look so tempting to have. It will give such an attractive decorative touch to the overall look of your exterior area. In fact, the fence can actually tell how the rest of your house look and feel like.

To keep the durability and reliability of a fence overtimes, of course, you always have to maintain it regularly. It has to be able to withstand the harsh outdoor environment, so the proper maintenance is always a necessary thing to do to take care of your fence.

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Below, we share dozens of mesmerizing backyard fences that you can use as the reference to decorate your outdoor living space!

Best Backyard Fence Ideas

Backyard Fence Ideas: Sleek Earthy Design

Backyard Fence Ideas: Sleek Earthy Design

A stylish fence which is made of wood planks in various sizes and arranged in horizontal position perfectly decorate this backyard. The sleek style of the fence makes it fit very well to beautify a home with minimalist decorating style. Then, the its natural finish flows beautifully with the greeneies which dominate the backyard.

Backyard Fence Ideas: Elegant Minimalist Design

Backyard Fence Ideas: Elegant Minimalist Design

To make your wood fence look more modern, you can finish it with bold or neutral color just like this idea shows. The panels consist of horizontal planks which make it look more elegant. Then, some greeneries and trees decorate the fence which don’t only beautify the area but also provide more privacy at the same time.

Backyard Fence Ideas: Stylish Modern Design

This one is a concrete fence with a sleek and clean-lined design which provides great privacy and security. The lining details of the fence enhance the attractiveness of the fence in a very simple way. For sure, it will gorgeously complement a minimalist backyard with its stylish design.

Backyard Fence Ideas: Beautiful Earthy Design

The lattice panel of this fence looks so beautiful which becomes the main focal point of the backyard. It works well to border the house which still allows you to watch the surroundings. The accent lighting fixtures and flowers complete the decor to make the fence look more attractive even in the night time. It’s such a good inspiration for you who want to have an accent fence to decorate your backyard.

Backyard Fence Ideas: Bold Gorgeous Design

Backyard Fence Ideas: Bold Gorgeous Design

The aluminum fence in black decorate this backyard which gives a bold touch to its overall look in a very elegant way. The design of the fence is simple but it’s enough to beautify the area very well. Tons of greeneries and trees are planted in front of the fence to block the sightseeing from the outside.

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Backyard Fence Ideas: Stunning Sleek Design

Vinyl can be a good alternative that you can consider beside choosing wood since it’s a fabricated material which works really well to face any weather conditions. In this idea, a white vinyl fence which resembles the design of a wood fence style up a backyard admirably.

Backyard Fence Ideas: Catchy Earthy Design

Another inspiring vinyl fence which is so worth to include on your reference, and this one is designed in lattice style which will bring style of your backyard to a whole new level. The landscaping of the fence which includes various kinds of plantations decorate the fence and freshen the atmosphere of the backyard.

Backyard Fence Ideas: Unique Rustic Design

Backyard Fence Ideas: Unique Rustic Design

For you who prefer to build your backyard fence all by yourself, this idea can be a good reference to try. The galvanize steel sheet and wood are the main materials of the fence in which the steels work as the panel of the fence and wood frames secure it. The combination of such materials create a distinctive rustic overall look.

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Are you still looking for more ideas? Well, we still have the more inspiring backtyard fences to complete your ultimate inspiration list! Let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!




Backyard Fence Ideas 11









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That is the list of best backyard fences that we have created just for you. They are so inspiring to copy to make your outdoor living space look and feel way more inviting.

Choosing the materials and design for your fence can be a quite confusing job to do. You have to consider the beauty, durability, and reliability of each option so you can have a fence which last for a long time as the additional feature to your house. Hopefully, those ideas can help you to find a backyard fence which really suits your needs and taste.

So now, just pick the best fence design that you really love and start decorating your very own outdoor space right away!


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