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Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: 19+ Aesthetic Concept for Your Personal Area

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scandinavian bathroom ideas

There are many interior concepts that you can find on the internet based on your taste and needs from the classic to the modern one. Not only concept, dozens of materials and colors reference are also available to choose. Nowadays, a modern concept has its own popularity and fans who want to have a modern house.

Have you heard about the Scandinavian design? Yes, it’s one of the modern interior designs with simplicity and minimalism as its base. In general, this concept may sound like the minimalist style but another point of this style is a functional point. It may look simple and minimalist but it’s still functional. In addition, this style usually uses natural elements like wood, hemp, and leather.

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For your reference, we have picked some best Scandinavian bathroom ideas. Get ready to feel attacked by its beauty!

Best Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking Small Bathroom

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking Small Bathroom

Small but attractive is probably the best word to describe this bathroom. For those who have a small bathroom don’t have to worry because you can copy this one. It may look small but all the essential features like a bathtub, sink, vanity, and mirror are available. If a bathtub feels too big, you might want to change it to a corner tub or replace it with a walk-in shower.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Neutral Bathroom

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Neutral Bathroom

Neutral shades like white and beige are the best color to use in this style. These colors represent simplicity and keep the room looks bright. With the use of a simple freestanding bowl tub, it makes the bathroom still looks functional despite its small area. To make it brighter, make sure to let natural lights in or installing a lighting feature.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Elegant with Accent

Not all homeowners like plainness or blandness because it makes them feel empty. So for those who like pattern or accent, add some here and there that. Just like this idea, use marble for the floor and wall to give patterns inside. Another idea is by using textured or patterned tile in the shower area. By using a patterned or accented material, you don’t have to worry anymore about wall decor or other decor items.

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Keep scrolling for more stunning Scandinavian bathroom ideas that will amaze you!






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Those are some Scandinavian bathroom ideas for your ultimate reference if you are planning to get a minimalist and functional bathroom. This style enhances simplicity and minimalism but still functional and use neutral shades to keep it looks warm.

If you like simplicity and minimalism, add Scandinavian design to your interior wish list now!

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